My Top 7 Habits Of Ultra-Successful People

My Top 7 Habits Of Ultra-Successful People

With this post, you will discover the top 7 habits of ultra-successful people.  If you’ve ever known anyone ultra-successful, you know that they can appear to be a different breed. We’re not talking about someone that’s a straight-A student and goes on to make $250,000 per year. We’re talking about people that win gold medals, become billionaires, or impact the entire world in some way.  These people know how to get things done. These ultra-successful people are all unique, but they share many of the same habits.

What are the 7 habits of the ultra-successful and how can you incorporate them into your life?

# 1. Get up early.

The vast majority of the most successful people in the world get up very early. They make great use of this time, too. They have a morning routine that often includes exercise and meditation or prayer.

◦ Try getting up an hour earlier and have a plan for using this time effectively. What does "use this time effectively" really mean? This means meditating, reading good books like "Think and Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill, reviewing your definite major purpose.  It does not mean watch more TV or other mindless activities.

Do this for 90 days and evaluate the results.  Doing this for 90 days will help to form this one habit of success.

#2. Practice self-discipline.

Success requires work. High levels of success require doing work that most people aren’t willing to do. It takes self-discipline to do difficult things day after day especially if you do not see results right away.

◦ Work on your self-discipline each day. You have countless opportunities to do this. If you need to lose weight, throw out 25% of your lunch each day. When you feel like taking a break, force yourself to work for another 15 minutes.  It is consistency and making small changes every day that will make a difference in your life.

#3. Become action-oriented.

People with mediocre levels of success often like to plan, but they struggle to actually take any sort of action. Successful people take intelligent action. They are the masters of getting things done. They’re also great at getting started on new projects.  People are under the impression that the action-oriented have learned to manage their time.  Time can not be managed. Only your activities can be managed.  Effective intelligent action in the time that you have leads to success.

#4. Read daily.

Reading saves years. Without reading, you’re forced to figure out a lot by yourself. A book written by a competent author is like a mentor. The world is full of experts. Why try to do it all yourself? Stand on the shoulders of the world’s all-time greats.  One of my favorite books this year is:  "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson.  You can get this on Amazon.

◦ Buy a good book and use the information in it. Life is too short not to take advantage of the expertise of others. Remember that it’s not enough to read and understand the information. You must apply it.

#5. Get clear on your goals.

Ultra-successful people know exactly what they want. The average person does not. You can’t make progress toward a goal if you’re not aware of your goal.  You have to know where you want to go in life in order to plan your course of action.  Your plans might need to be modified once you get going but you need to start somewhere.

◦ Decide what you want. Make a list and be precise.

#6. Say, “No” to practically everything.

Highly successful people avoid distractions much better than the average person. Many of us say “Yes” to almost every opportunity. Successful people say “No” almost all the time.

◦ Decline offers that don’t assist you in the pursuit of your goals. Everything you do either brings you closer to or takes you further from, your goals. Before agreeing to something, ask yourself, “How does this impact the pursuit of my goals?”.

This is an area that I have struggled with.  I was raised with the "can do" attitude.  This type of attitude can end out causing lots of problems.  It did for me because I would agree to do things, take on tasks. The issue that came up was that because I agreed to so many things that there was no way that I could accomplish them all.  This lead me to feelings of failure.  It has taken me years to learn how to say no and I am still not doing it consistently.  This interferes with the growth of my business.

#7. Persevere.

The most successful people have a tenacity that most of us fail to demonstrate. We give up far too easily.  It pays to be stubborn and if you are really going after something that you really want it is much easier to stay the course.

◦ Set goals that truly excite you. That will encourage you to continue when the going gets tough. Practice persevering when you want to quit. Learn how to grind and get things done. Perseverance is a combination of faith and pushing through discomfort.  So many people quit because they do not see success fast enough.

Your habits largely influence how successful you’ll become.

Effective habits result in great results. Poor habits lead to undesirable results. One of the most effective ways to take your life to the next level is to create habits that support your goals. The most successful people in the world have the best habits for success. Pick up a couple of these habits and integrate them into your life. You’ll be glad you did!  

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