Focus and the Magnifying Glass

What???  What is Debbie talking about?  What does Focus have to do with a magnifying glass?

So, What does focus have to do with a magnifying glass?  Many people do not achieve the level of success that they are looking for.  They jump from opportunity to opportunity.  This jumping around is also known as the “shiny object syndrome”.

Why do some people succeed and others not?  The people that are not achieving their goals are intelligent and have the same skills as others who are successful.  What is one of the differences?  I think that one of the main reasons is lack of focus.  Some people do not focus, concentrate or even take action on one opportunity that is presented.  Some of the lack of action happens because people get discouraged because they do not get immediate results.

Any opportunity worth its weight is going to take work, action, persistence, and focus.  As the pace of life gets faster and there are more interruptions from TV and social media it gets more difficult to focus and do the work.

As a child did you ever play with a magnifying glass?  In order to light a fire using a magnifying glass, it needs to be held still so that the rays of the sun are focused to start a fire.  If you keep moving it around it will never light a fire.  When you jump around from program to program it is like waving a magnifying around.  There is no focus, your efforts are not focused on producing results which will lead to the success of your business.

There have been studies done that our attention span has decreased over the years.  And in fact our attention span is currently shorter than a goldfish’s.  The attention span of the average goldfish is 9 seconds.  The average person now loses interest in 8 seconds.  How can you succeed when you can’t focus for more than 8 seconds? As a business person, it also makes it more difficult to keep peoples attention.  Presentations get more and more over the top as people try to catch someones attention.

To want to be successful is not enough.  You have to know what is it that you want?  And you will not get better until you start taking action and focus.  In the beginning, your action may not be effective but take that as a learning experience.  Learn from what you have done and keep growing.  Be persistent!

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