The Importance Of Link Tracking In Your Online Business

This article is going to cover the importance of link tracking in your online business.

Do you know where your sales are coming from?tracking

When I first started out as an affiliate marketer and trying to grow my online business, I did not know the importance of link tracking in my online business.  My main concern was to get sales and I thought I wouldn't care where the sales came from.  As a result of this thinking, I wasted quite a bit of money on promotions that were not working.  Because I was not using link tracking I had no idea where my sales were coming from and what traffic source was my most profitable.  If you don't like to read, scroll to the end of my article, I will be giving away a free traffic guide and a 14-day Free Trial to the software that I use.

Are you new to online marketing?

As a beginner, I was mostly using Solo Ads for my traffic source. I choose solo ads because it is the fastest way to get people to your landing page, especially as a beginner.  I tried out a number of different vendors. As a result of sending traffic, I made some sales. But…what I realized is that I had no idea which vendor was providing the traffic that was converting. I also did not know which capture page was the most effective. I was totally in the dark about where my sales were coming from.  I was throwing money away on promotions that were not converting to sales.  😭  I was not smart with my money at all.

Because I wasn't link tracking I did not know if I was getting everything that I paid for.

What I mean by this is that I typically pay for traffic from the Tier 1 Countries (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand). Because I was not using link tracking software who knows if that is what I received. I also did not know if I was getting the number of clicks that I paid for either.

Are you serious about your business?

If you are serious about building your business online this is information that you NEED to know. If you are just playing around, you have a hobby (nothing wrong with that) and don’t care about making a profit and being efficient with your time then don’t bother trying to learn about link tracking.   Stop reading now.  🛑

I created a video on link tracking:

The software that I use every day in my business is called ClickMagick. There is so much that you can do with this software that it can be overwhelming in the beginning. I started out just doing the basics just to make sure that I was taking good care of my business.

I have been using the software for a while now.  I am learning to add in some other tracking features that will help me to fine-tune my tracking. ClickMagick really helps you to track your leads and sales. Once you know which funnels are most effective you can do A/B testing and optimize your pages so that you can essentially generate more leads. With more leads then you have the chance of greater conversions and sales. All of this is from the traffic that you are already getting.  If you want to know how to build your list with a viral system you can read about that here.

I am listing out some of the other features that ClickMagick has…

* Track your entire sales funnel, no matter how complex
* Bot filtering & click fraud protection
* Automated & scientific split testing
* Link cloaking & click rotators
* Geotargeting & mobile optimization
* Add retargeting pixels to any click
* Add pop-ups and countdown timers to any page
* Integrate with affiliate networks in seconds

Since I am using some of the same solo ad vendors for different offers, I am able to make sure that I am not getting duplicates over time. I can go to my back office and check the quality of the traffic that has been sent to my capture page and from that, I can determine if I want to use that solo ad vendor again or if I should try someone else.

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