My Top 7 High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs – New For 2020

In today’s blog, I will be reviewing my top seven high ticket affiliate marketing programs.  These are listed lowest to highest (my favorite).  I will be discussing what I like best and what I don’t like about each of the programs.  

I have also created a video review of these programs so if you prefer to watch a video over reading then scroll to the end of this article in order to get to the video.

As I have been in affiliate marketing for years I have learned that there are some things that people need to be aware of.  My goal is to give you a full picture of what is involved with each high ticket affiliate marketing program so that you can make an educated decision about what may work best for you and what you want to achieve with your business.

Many program creators change their programs and the cost involved. I have done my best to be accurate with the information at the time of writing this post.  Scroll to the bottom if don’t want to read the entire post and you just want to get straight to my top recommendation. 

#7: The Super Affiliate Network – High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Program

The first program I will discuss is called The Super Affiliate Network (SAN). This program has a low ticket (price) entry for their Bootcamp, which is $1.

The BootCamp consists of 3 phases with 5 lessons in each phase. You will be assigned an advisor to help you through the program and also to help you figure out the best path in order to meet your goals. The training is excellent and covers mindset as well as business-building strategies. The downside to this program is that it is what I call “Pay-To-Play”. What I mean by this is that in order to be paid high ticket commissions you need to purchase the high ticket products yourself.

For example, you join SAN and start promoting your affiliate link. (You have not upgraded or purchased any of the high ticket products.) One of your contacts also joins SAN using your affiliate link and they decide to upgrade to a much higher level. Because you did not upgrade you would not get the benefit of those high ticket commissions. They would roll up to the next person in line who had upgraded their account.

If you can afford to upgrade this can work out well for you. But…this can be a major stumbling block for people who don’t have sufficient income to pay for the high ticket products.

I can see why people feel strongly about having a pay-to-play program. It means that you are actually using what you promote and are familiar with it. This adds validity to your promotions. It is difficult to sell something if you don’t believe in it enough to purchase it yourself.

The downside is that sometimes people can get in over their heads and purchase more than they can afford. The other aspect is that it can play on the fear of missing out (FOMO). This is a very strong motivator for people.


  • Low-cost entry ($1 for Bootcamp)
  • Great support in the Facebook group
  • Great training program
  • Easy get signed up as an affiliate


  • Pay To Play
  • No recurring income streams
  • No multiple sources of income

The Super Affiliate Network
#7 of 7 High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs

#6: My Online Startup (MOS)

My Online Startup (MOS) as a high ticket affiliate program is a little unique compared to a lot of other high ticket programs. One thing that makes this one different is their affiliate training is completely free.

Are you are someone who is just starting out, you don’t know if affiliate marketing is for you, you don’t want to invest any money or money is tight? Or, maybe you don’t want to spend any money until you know that this is what you want to do. I recommend that you explore My Online Startup because all of the training in the initial section is totally FREE. You can learn how to be an affiliate and then decide if you want to be an affiliate for the program and get all setup.

If at some point you decide that you really like this program, and you want to promote it, then you would need to upgrade in order to get access to affiliate income streams. This is where the high ticket things come in.

The initial getting started training area is completely free. In order to promote you will need to upgrade. Once you upgrade you not only get to promote My Online Startup but there are many other income streams included. You will be able to earn from multiple streams of income. You will also get access to a done-for-you lead generation system. There are also multiple lessons on traffic generation including solo ads, Facebook Organic methods, youtube along with banners, email swipes, and other promotional materials.


  • Free to get started
  • Great support in the Facebook group
  • Great training program
  • Multiple streams of income
  • Recurring streams of income


  • Need to upgrade before you can promote as an affiliate
  • Need to purchase the tools needed in the DFY lead generation system

#6 of 7 High Ticket Affiliate Program

#5:  Entre

Entre is an education platform that also offers the ability to earn high ticket affiliate income.

Entre was created by Jeff Learner.  After watching the videos and familiarizing myself with the program, Jeff feels very strongly about developing a good mindset, business skills, and physical health.

He incorporates these three pillars into his programs.  Entre is currently free to join as an affiliate.  I don’t know how long that’s going to last.  The information is presented in a free webinar format and there is full support in the Facebook group. To get started with the education platform it $39.

With Entre, it is possible to earn recurring as well as high ticket commissions.  The beauty of recurring commissions is that as an affiliate it gives your income some stability that will grow over time. 

Entre is definitely a program worth considering.  Because it is an education platform it appeals to both beginners as well as people who have marketing experience.


  • Low-cost entry ($39 for the Entre Blueprint)
  • Free to be an affiliate – for right now may change
  • Has recurring income streams
  • Multiple programs to earn from
  • Great support in the Facebook group
  • Great training programs


  • A little bit more to get started, $39 with the education modules vs $7 for some of the other programs

Entre Nation
Entre Blueprint – #5 of 7 High Ticket Affiliate Programs


The Creator of Entre blueprint has recently added a Free book which you can access below!


#4: High Ticket Affiliate Secrets (HTAS)  – NO LONGER PROMOTING THIS OFFER

They have changed things so much I do not think that HTAS is available and if it is it may be called something else.  Not only that but the vendors of the product do not offer any support in their Facebook group.  People who have purchased the program are wondering what happened and why there is no response on Facebook.  They stop a program and start a new one then want people to pay again.  Not Good – DO NOT BUY!!

no htas

High Ticket Affiliate Secrets is another high ticket affiliate program that I consider to be a pay-to-play program meaning that they feel strongly that you need to have purchased at the level that you want to get paid at.

The nice thing about this program is that they do focus on YouTube marketing. So… if creating videos and building a YouTube channel is the direction you want to go, high ticket affiliate secrets is a good program to check out.

On the back end, the high-end products are done for you (DFY) systems and copy and paste systems. HTAS has got excellent training. Josh Elder and Brian Dickson are the creators of the program.

The first modules of HTAS are creating a mindset for success and how affiliate marketing works. There is also complete training on what to do and how to set up your affiliate account using software called Kartra.

So with High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator, it is $7 to get started. It’s a great program for people who are just beginning and are interested in building up a YouTube channel.


  • Low-cost entry ($7 For High Ticket Affiliate Secrets)
  • Great support in the Facebook group
  • Great training program
  • Easy to be an affiliate
  • Focuses on YouTube as the main marketing/traffic method
  • If you are new they can do the follow up for you


  • Pay To Play
  • I feel like they are constantly changing things which is both a pro and a con. This is a con because you may need to change your affiliate links a number of times and redo marketing videos etc…
  • As mentioned in the previous item they are always changing things – the big downside to this is that they want you to pay again for the new program.  It has been very difficult to keep track of what FB group is active and what links are active and what I actually paid for…did I receive it??
  • Support in the Facebook group is minimal.  I have had to post multiple times in order to get a response 

#3 List Leverage

The next one is List Leverage it is a viral list builder. If you are interested in email marketing, building your email list, and if you’re thinking about affiliate marketing, you really need to learn how to be effective with email marketing.

This is the only viral list builder that I am aware of. This means that you can get leads passed up to you from the people below and some of the leads that you’ve got signed up would get passed up to the person ahead of you. So for example, if you sign up 10 people every 5th lead would get passed up to the person above. You might be thinking…that doesn’t sound good. I will be losing some of my leads. How does this benefit me?

The benefit to you comes in when people below you start building their lists. You would then get every 5th lead of theirs. So if one person below you signed up 10 leads you would get 2 of the ten leads into your account. The more people you sign up that take action the faster your list will grow from pass-ups.

They have just gone through a big revamp of their program and they now have a $9 entry-level product called the millionaire mindset. And the training here is awesome. There is also training every Thursday evening and tons of support in the Facebook group.

I think one of my favorite things about this affiliate marketing program is that you are able to link your autoresponder and all of the emails with your affiliate link are all pre-loaded.

I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent trying to cut and paste and put in my affiliate link and all that kind of stuff into my email autoresponder. So having that done for you was a huge time saver. In terms of list building, this program here was awesome, and especially I like the changes that they’ve made to the program.

They’ve opened up the number of autoresponders that you can use so when I signed up send shark was the only one that was available, but they are making it so that if you have GetResponse or Aweber you will be able to use them instead so you’re not having to pay for an all-new autoresponder. So they really provide a good quality product and they’re constantly working on making it better. So I was really impressed with List Leverage program.


  • Low-cost entry ($9 for Millionaire Mastermind)
  • Great support in the Facebook group
  • Great training program
  • Easy to be an affiliate
  • 3 Recurring Income streams
  • High ticket offers on the back end
  • Affordable to get started you can pay monthly or annually


  • Need to upgrade from the $9 in order to get your DFY system and be an affiliate

#3 of 7 High Ticket Affiliate Programs

#2: Partner With Anthony

Number two on my list of high ticket affiliate marketing programs is Partner With Anthony (PWA). The partner with Anthony program is a $7 monthly fee or you can pay more for lifetime access. But if you want to just check it out, it’s just $7/month. You can cancel it anytime.

With the PWA program, there are lots of free assets inside the group. Anthony uses software called Click Funnels. This software gives him the ability to share sales funnels. This means that you will be able to download and import these sales funnels directly into your account without having to worry about coding and funnel building and all this kind of stuff.

Anthony also teaches a good foundation for affiliate marketing. So with the Partner With Anthony program, each session is opened 24 hours after you mark it complete. This means that you will not be able to zip through the program. Some people get frustrated with this format. All of the lessons (30 in all) have multiple videos included. This program will teach you how to set up a good business foundation with the opportunity to earn multiple streams of income.

I think the partner with Anthony was an excellent program. I’ve been a member for over a year now. I was a member when he first started and he was constantly updating the number of modules.

Anthony is been very passionate about helping people and making sure that no one gets left behind. So I feel like he provides a great deal of value to his community. There are ways to earn from different revenue sources within the program. Some of them are recurring, some of them are not. I thought this was another great program for people who are just starting out with affiliate marketing.


  • Low-cost entry ($7/month)
  • Great support in the Facebook group
  • Great training program
  • Easy to be an affiliate
  • Weekly training with the Success Connection
  • Both recurring and high ticket income available
  • Creates assets that you can give away as your own
  • Sales funnels created for you
  • DFY emails


  • Monthly fee
  • Need to be a member of Clickfunnels ($97/mo with a 14-day free trial) in order to be able to take advantage of the share funnels

#2 of 7 High Ticket Affiliate Programs

#1: Legendary Marketer

Okay, the last one and my favorite is Legendary Marketer. I have to be honest that I have been very impressed with the Legendary Marketer program. They have their flagship product, which is the 15-day business builder challenge.

I don’t know where you are with your business but when I first started, I wasted a lot of money and time because I didn’t know what I was doing. With the business builder challenge, you get assigned an advisor. They help you develop your business plan. For me, I thought this was super important because I really feel that a lot of people fail in their online businesses because they don’t have a business plan.

Whether you’re taking a road trip or you’re building a business, you have got to know where you’re going. You have got to know the direction and the roads you’re going to take in order to get to your destination.

I felt like the nuggets that I learned in the business builder challenge, could really apply in just about any business. Many of the philosophies are universal. Each day another unit gets unlocked. And that is done by your business advisor. You will not be able to go through and watch all 15 modules in one day. I thought that each video was really important in terms of laying a good foundation and providing excellent training for building a high ticket online business.

I thought that Dave Sharpe the creator of the program really understands where people are coming from and he is constantly working to provide top-notch quality products and training to help people be successful online.

One of the things that make Legendary Marketer different is that you have to apply in order to be an affiliate, so not everyone is accepted. One of the things that they look for is that you have gone through the business builder challenge, they want to make sure that their affiliates really are familiar with their program and what all is involved.

The other thing is you would need to be a pro member so that you can use their funnels. Again if you have Clickfunnels these sales funnels can be imported directly into your account. There’s more than one stream of income and there are high ticket products as well.

With Legendary Marketer, they focus on Facebook ads training. I mentioned earlier the High Ticket Affiliate Secrets is all about YouTube. They may help you to decide which program may be the best match for you.


  • Low-cost entry ($7 for 15-Day Business Builder Challenge)
  • Great support in the Facebook group
  • Great training program
  • DFY sales funnels that you can import into your Clickfunnels account
  • DFY email swipes you can import directly into Aweber
  • If you are new they can do all of the follow-up for you


  • Must apply to be an affiliate

#1 of 7 High Ticket Affiliate Programs


In Summary

So with all of these programs, they all provide excellent training and it’s just a matter of finding one that you feel like is a good match for you and your personality. None of them are get rich quick program. So don’t sign up thinking oh, I’m gonna start making high ticket commissions right away.

It just doesn’t happen that way. All of these programs take work. If you’re going to be an affiliate and start promoting, you need to have education. And it takes work. So if someone tells you that it’s going to happen overnight, don’t believe them, because it’s not true. All these programs take work to be successful. That’s true with anything that’s worthwhile in life.

In all transparency, I am an affiliate for all of these programs. If you aer going to sign up to be an affiliate for any of these programs, make sure that you read and understand the affiliate agreement and the types of marketing that you can do. Make sure that you’re not going to be promoting in a spammy way. Don’t be just putting your link out there in Facebook groups. Actually go through these programs and learn the right way to promote.

Keep in mind that many program creators change their programs and what is included, as well as the prices. I have tried to report accurately and to the best of my knowledge at the time of writing this blog post.



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