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A Comprehensive Ecosystem for Affiliate Marketers

Master Affiliate Profits (MAP) is a groundbreaking system designed to empower affiliate marketers to achieve unprecedented success. The brainchild of three industry heavyweights - John Thornhill, founder of the esteemed Ambassador Program, and Omar and Melinda Martin, CEO and CMO of Higher Level Strategies respectively - MAP is a comprehensive ecosystem that addresses the unique challenges faced by affiliate marketers. By providing a secure and supportive environment, MAP safeguards valuable leads, ensuring that marketers can focus on what matters most: growing their business. At its core, MAP is a one-stop-shop that offers a trifecta of essential resources: traffic, training, and tools. This integrated approach enables affiliate marketers to streamline their operations, saving time and effort while maximizing their earning potential. With MAP, users gain access to a wealth of expert knowledge, cutting-edge strategies, and innovative solutions, all carefully curated to help them stay ahead of the curve in the competitive affiliate marketing landscape. By combining the collective expertise of its creators, MAP has established itself as a go-to platform for affiliate marketers seeking to elevate their skills, expand their reach, and boost their bottom line. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, MAP provides the perfect environment to learn, grow, and thrive in the world of affiliate marketing. With its focus on collaboration, innovation, and mutual success, Master Affiliate Profits is poised to revolutionize the industry and empower a new generation of affiliate marketers to achieve unparalleled success.

My Personal Experience with MAP

I joined MAP as a Backer during phase 2, and despite being an experienced affiliate marketer, I've learned valuable gems from the training. Implementing this new knowledge has helped me attract high-quality traffic to my one-link and build my list. With the built-in tracking, I can see the interest from potential buyers, and I'm confident that more sales will follow soon. I made a sale within the first 30 days from rotator traffic that was sent to my link by Omar and John. (One of the key benefits of being a platinum member.) see below... secret to master affiliate profits

The Benefits of Joining Master Affiliate Profits

By joining in phase 2 as a platinum member, I've demonstrated my lifetime commitment to MAP. I'll receive 75% commissions on affiliates who join and upgrade to higher levels during phase 3, and 25% level 2 commissions. With monthly payments starting from phase 3, this will add up nicely. The lifetime cost of $797 is excellent value, and just two sales will cover my investment.  Not only that but the people that sign up with your affililate link are hard coded to you so if they purchase now or 5 years from now you will get a commission.

Free Members Can Earn High Commissions Too

The Free membership will only be available once master affiliate profits moves into Phase 3.  Free members joining in phase 3 will also earn commissions, including 100% on the Traffic Jump-Start product and 25% on silver, gold, or platinum level sales. Higher commissions are achievable by joining at higher levels.  If you waiting for phase 3 before joining I think you will be missing out on a great deal.  I think you will realize that Platinum is the way to go and then you will be paying either monthly or yearly fees.  If you join now during phase 2 there is only one payment for lifetime at the platinum level.  I'd hate for you to miss out.

What I Love About MAP

I appreciate the lead safeguarding feature, which ensures that my hard-earned leads are protected. The holistic approach of MAP provides almost all the training and tools I need, including funnel building, bonus creation, and more. The training covers essential topics like list building, email marketing, traffic, video marketing, blogging, social media, and ad creation. I also like the easy-to-understand compensation plan, free from gimmicks like powerlines and spillover. The free membership option from phase 3 onwards will make it easier to sign up prospects who may upgrade later. Additionally, I can earn commissions from external sources integrated with the system, such as WarriorPlus, JVZoo, Clickbank, Udimi, Aweber, and Getresponse. There's nothing I dislike about MAP. While there are a few "coming soon" items, I'm confident they'll be available in phase 3. The current training and tools are already extensive.


I made a video to show the bonuses that I have.


Master Affiliate Profits lives up to its claim of being a comprehensive ecosystem for affiliate marketers. With lead safeguarding, built-in traffic, one link to promote, generous commissions, extensive training, and tools, MAP is a game-changer. The thriving Facebook group is an added bonus. Join the MAP community today and start unlocking your affiliate profits!  


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