Difficult Week

These last 2 weeks have been more difficult for me.

I have had bronchitis.  I have also really missed the webinar this week.  I have also missed talking with my tribe on Wednesday evening and my mastermind.  I also missed a few homework assignments.

This has made me question: What am I going to do once this class is over?  Is my old blueprint going to take over again? Do I persist and keep pushing towards change and improvement? Are the habits that I have been building going to be strong enough?

The other thing that happened is that I was verbally abused by one of my clients at work this week.  What is going on?  I have been good about doing my homework and reading my DMP.  What have I been thinking that would bring about this situation?  I remained calm during their outburst.  This incident has made me question what I may be thinking.  It must be something deeper that I am unaware of.  Is it my old blueprint making itself known again?  Am I taking one step forward and two steps back?  Was this a result of a lifetime of negative thought?  If events in my life are a result of my thoughts then what have a been thinking to bring this incident about?

I am half way thru this program now and I thought I would be seeing a greater change in myself and my conditions.  Do I have unrealistic expectations?

I know I have made some improvement judging from the change in my score on my self-assessment test.  Am I expecting my life to be puppy dogs and butterflies?


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