Taking a Stand

I was listening to a training on marketing this week and the instructor was talking about taking a stand.

His opinion was that if you are always in the middle of the road and don’t state what you believe in because you are afraid of offending someone then you will not attract anyone to your business.

People are not drawn to neutral, they either want to agree or disagree with you and this judgment is made very quickly.  They are attracted to you because they agree with you and what you stand for.  In taking a stand, yes you may offend some people. On the other hand, you will also attract the people that agree with you.  If you are building something larger than yourself then the people who agree with you will outweigh those that don’t.

I got to thinking about how this theory applies to me and what I am learning in MKMMA.  I know we have learned about not having opinions but I felt that this topic is a little bit different than that.

I thought about the scroll I am currently reading.

” I am nature’s greatest miracle.”

I have been very nervous about doing a  YouTube video, taking a stand and putting myself “out there”.  I wanted to talk about how I got started in my business, and what attracted me to the company I am with.  I have put it off for a long time because I was afraid.

I thought that I might look stupid on camera or not professional enough or….the list goes on.  I got to thinking about scroll 4 again.

“I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not shrink to a grain of sand.”

I want to push myself to grow and learn.  Courage is only evident after you have done what you are afraid of doing.  Well, I am proud to say that I made my video.

Once I was done I felt like I could accomplish anything and all I did was make a short video.  Whoohoo!!



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  • Outstanding commentary. I have been one of the people who does not like offending people, and thus can hinder progress when attempting to deal with people at times. I will make a concerted effort to stand stronger on my values and opinions.
    However, I still try to avoid stands when it comes to the three deadly topics; Politics, Religion and Race.
    Great intuition…

  • I love what you said, Debbie – “Courage is only evident after you have done what you are afraid of doing.” This is so true.

    So many times we believe that we have to ‘find’ or ‘dredge up’ courage before we can do something new or out-of-our-box. Not correct, at all!

    If we let go of our self-consciousness or (that ever self-debasing) fear about doing something new and just DO IT, we realize that taking that action GIVES us courage.

    Way to go! (Now, where is that video? Ha!)

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