Two Sides of the Same Coin

I was talking with my co-worker the other day and we were discussing how life can change in an instant, from everything going well to being on the other side and having things not go so well. Many people spend their whole lives building a life of prominence and respect. With one wrongful act that life can be totally changed to the opposite side of the coin. It is also interesting to me how sometimes the negative attitude seems so much easier to cultivate than a positive attitude.  I am relating this to how I am working on my positive mental attitude.  Every day it takes concentration and diligence to get and maintain a positive attitude. I am grateful, I meditate and read positive books.  I don't understand how it is so easy to flip from positive to negative. Why is it so easy wallow in negativity? If these are different sides of the same coin one would think that it would be just as easy to be positive as it is to be negative. It takes concentration and always being diligent to make sure that my thoughts stay positive.  If I relax for an instant my thoughts turn to negative things.  Then it takes real work to get back to positive.  Is the work worth it?  I can answer that with a very strong, YES it is!    


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