Learning from my cat

My exercise for this week was concentration.

Haanel says in #27

become so absorbed in the object of your thought that you are conscious of nothing else.

When I meditate I am finding that I am working very hard to become absorbed in my thought.  My thoughts have been jumping from topic to topic a lot this last week.  I opened my eyes one morning during my sit and I saw one of my cats just staring up at me.

It so happens that I do my morning sit before I feed the cats.  Every morning I get up early, drink my coffee while I do my reading.  After my reading, I do my meditation.  I sit on the floor in my office.  One of my cats sits right in front of me and stares at me the whole time.

I can tell from his look that he is hungry and is very focused on getting food.  I know if he could talk he would be saying “feed me, feed me, feed me…..”

Talk about concentration.  I realized that if I focused and concentrated on my goals the way the cat focuses on getting food I would attain everything that I could ever want.


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  • Certainly shows how we are all multi-tasking instead of concentrating on the vision at hand. Thanks for sharing this.

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