The Old Blueprint - The Enemy Within - Deborah Donaldson

The Old Blueprint – The Enemy Within

By Deborah | Master Key Experience 2016 - Present

enemy within

I am reading a book called the Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard.

I am really enjoying this book because it ties in so closely to what we are studying.  We need our PPNs (personal pivotal needs) along with our DMP (definite major purpose), positive mental attitude, faith and action.

This week I read the chapter called “We Shall Defeat Our Demons.” He describes a 3 headed serpent which I thought was a great visual.  The name of the serpent is Defiance and three heads of this serpent are:  Doubt and Delay and Division.  This serpent Defiance represents the enemy within.  I also equate it to our old blueprint.

Defiance: ..

stirs deep in our gut whenever we want to take a risk.  When this brute squirms we feel anxiety in our stomach, that awful sense that we are not enough or things might turn out terribly.  Its movements make us worry ourselves sick.

Brendan Burchard

Defiance is trying to keep us in our comfort zone just like our old blueprint.

“Doubt wakes up when we strive for anything new or better.  It recognizes that in those moments when our ambition rises, its very existence is in peril..”

Our minds have been poisoned by doubt whenever we start to ask questions about our abilities.

What if… I can’t….”  Doubt questions our worth and course of action. Sometimes we might feel fear.  How do we fight Doubt?  The best weapon against doubt is faith.  You have belief in what you are doing (DMP) and have confidence in yourself.

The second head of the serpent is Delay.   Brendon states that Delay has wiped out more dreams than Doubt ever could.  Sometimes delay gets stronger the closer we get to taking action and that is the time that we need to dig in our heels and take the step that scares us.

Delay turns people of action into people of apathy and insignificance.  Nothing has done more than Delay to make potentially great men and women miss their moment.  Delay breeds indolence. ” Delay can be wiped out with decisive action.

Brendon Burchard

The third head of the serpent is Division and it attacks our hearts.  Whenever we refuse to feel vulnerable or loving towards one another or are blind to the good in others this is Division at work.  Division closes the mind and the heart. 

Brendon Burchard

Fight Division with Gratitude and Love.  We do this with our gratitude cards and reading the law of giving.

It seems like as I go thru this class that every book I read I am seeing things that relate to what we are studying.  I feel like my brain is cross-wiring (if that’s even a word).  I read while I march my feet.  I pace around my office as I read Og out loud.  I listen to my recording as I work out and drive to and from work.

“I can be what I will to be!”



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Brenda Buck March 2, 2017

This is Awesome! I too, have, and last year, have read, The Motivation Manifesto! Brendan’s book motivated me to take this course. I knew that there was more about myself, and others, to be discovered, and I wanted to learn HOW. Happy reading to you!

    Deborah March 2, 2017

    Thank you! I am really enjoying the book.

Rob Dunn February 24, 2017

Fantastic post, Debbie! That book you mention is in my room, yet unread (as are too many others), but I agree – so many things I read now are all trying to tell us exactly what we are learning in the MKE. The Power of the MKMMA, though, is we are learning HOW to make it happen. You are shining in the darkness with what you are doing and setting as an example for others. HOOAH!

    Deborah February 28, 2017

    Rob, thank you so much for you comments.

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