Leading a Vibrant Life with Joy and Gratitude – Deborah Donaldson

Leading a Vibrant Life with Joy and Gratitude

By Deborah | Master Key Experience 2016 - Present

I am going to reference Brendon Burchard again this week.

I actually went back and reread the chapter on Joy and Gratitude.
He states:

“A happy and vibrant life begins at the path of gratitude.”

Isn't this what we are doing with our cards?  To remember each day what we are grateful for, and to add a moment that was precious.

Our attitude and emotional state is a choice.  He says

“.. we do not have happiness, we create it, generate it, and transform lower energy into higher energies.”

By adding three different gratitudes every day we become more and more aware of what is around us.  We can also be grateful for the things that we perceive as not going our way.  We learn from these times.

“Be thankful for the luck that has advanced me and the disasters and tribulations that have educated me.”

Sometimes I feel that it is so easy to just focus on what is not going the way I envision.  I am new to blogging.  I really started doing it with this class.  I will say that it is the things that have not gone as planned or the mistakes I have made that have taught me the most.  Sometimes it is really a challenge.  But, how can I improve if I do not challenge myself on a regular basis?  Even if it is not going well, is it worth doing??  Absolutely!!

We can actually measure how well we are doing in creating joy and gratitude by asking ourselves the following question:  “On a scale of 1 to 10, how much joy and gratitude am I bringing to this moment?”  By asking this question of myself I am taking responsibility for my emotions.  What am I bringing to the table?

This question will raise your focus on the emotional state that you are in.  I have found that once I became aware then I was seeing it everywhere.  This ties into the Franklin Makeover.  Once you become aware you can recognize it more easily and relate to the situation – you can assimilate and apply what you learn.

Hummmm… again this is sounding very familiar R2 A2.

If anyone is interested in checking out Brendon's book I have made the picture a clickable link.

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Brenda Buck March 9, 2017

Absolutely! Great post! I am new to blogging too, with this Experience. I LOVE this Journey that we are all on! We must challenge ourselves, constantly. Linking this all together, I have this very same book sitting right here on my nightstand. 🙂

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