How can we slow time?

So this morning I was back to reading the Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard.  Today’s chapter was on how to slow time.

I think this chapter hit home for me because I spend so much of my life looking forward that I end out not really living in the moment or enjoying the time that I have.  I have noticed this when I am golfing.  I look forward to golf all week.  Then when the weekend arrives and I am out golfing on Saturday, the time that I have allotted.  Then when I am golfing I spend the day thinking about everything that I have to get done.

I am not living in the moment or fully appreciating my friends and the time that I have with them.  Brendon says

Life is meant to be be a vibrant, deeply felt, growing mosaic of meaningful moments…. We are not supposed to miss this moment.”

I am reminded of the song by Jim Croce – Time in a Bottle

With my job, I am presented with the fact that life can change in an instant.  You do not know when or if your life is going to change and I do not want to look back on my life and say; “I thought that there would be more time.”

What I liked about this chapter is Brendon gives a couple of suggestions on how to slow time.  He says that we should:

1.  Breathe deeply.  The deeper and longer we breathe in the more we heighten our energy.  Breathing deeply has a big impact on how we experience a moment in time.  He suggests that if you are in a time that you want to remember then breathe deeply and it will help you to absorb the details.

2.  Remember times that you were “in the moment”.  For me that has happened mostly when I was playing sports.  I was focused and things seemed to click.  Time felt like it was standing still.

3.  Brendon asks the question;

“What would happen to the quality of our life and relationships if we simply amplified our senses just a little longer.  …hold this moment for just two beats longer. Soon, two beats become four, the four become eight, and eventually we will have mastered the art of experiencing life, of feeling who we are and where we are on our path to greatness, of creating real moments, of living as joyous masters in the infinite and divine Freedom of Now.”

There was so much for me to take from this chapter.  Tonight I am feeling that I will go back and start reading this book over once I have completed it.  I know that different things will strike my interest and imagination the second time thru.  It will not be because the words have changed but because I will have changed when I read it again.



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