Good News-Bad News

The exercise this week has been especially challenging. I am learning to control my thoughts and stay in the positive for seven consecutive days. Well, I've got good news and I've got bad news.  The bad news is that it only took a few minutes in my morning good news bad newsmeditation for my mind to drift off into negativity land.  The good news is that I caught it right away.  I still have to start over. Habits are amazingly strong: the people I talk to, the usual topics of conversations both at work and at home. My quick little snap judgments about certain people.  The imagined conflicts my mind conjures while I am driving. This exercise is showing me how much my mind really does go into the negative.  I used to think that I was a fairly positive person.  Now I am not so sure. I do have another piece of good news and something that has been a big eye-opener for me.  It happened on my mastermind call on Wed.  I have been so literal with my DMP and what I was going to give up.  I was thinking of reducing my TV watching etc..  Well on the call someone said that they were going to give up a certain bad habit. My brain went into hyper-drive.  What if I were to actually give up my beliefs about myself that are holding me back???  This has opened up a whole new world to think about.


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