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herding cats

Well, I have found it a little difficult this week to control my thoughts on a consistent basis.

Some mornings my visualization goes very well.  I can see the seed sprouting and growing of my flower, breaking through the ground.  I am amazed at how each stalk grows and sends out a bud.  I can see the different colors of my flower and I can smell the fragrance.

This morning was especially difficult – almost like herding cats.  Every time I started my visualization my thoughts were off in a different direction.  I stop, refocus, and try again.  My thoughts were off and running again.  It seems that this is keeping me humble.  Every time I think I am getting a handle on things something comes up to distract me.  The good news is that I am catching it and not following the rabbit down the rabbit hole.  It has been said that visualization and control of one’s thoughts is work.  I am in agreement with this statement.  My brain was tired after my morning sit.

The more that I learn the more I become aware of how active my mind really is as well as how strong my old blueprint is.  We are playing tug of war.  I say I am going this new direction with my DMP, PPNs and what I am learning.  My old blueprint is saying: Nope.. you are going back this other way because that is what you have always done and are used to doing.  Up jumps the devil (read old blueprint) and says, it is so much easier to do things the old way.  You need to relax, watch some TV. I start to wonder, am I really changing??

I am so glad I have my compass, my colors, index cards etc.. and the affirmation in chapter 9 has been very helpful in getting me back on track.  How can I go wrong when:

I greet this day with love in my heart!


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Jonathan Davis November 29, 2016

Nice post Debbie! I do just as you on my daily runs! Great way to exercise mind and body by repeating the affirmations as I’m running, visualizing, seeing shapes and colors, observing nature, etc!

Robert Channings November 28, 2016

Good post…I agree it is so hard to stop the thoughts from flying off on their own. Even when you really want to concentrate, even praying, away they go. This is the hard mental work that Haanel is talking about and it is a lot harder than physical work.

Natalie November 25, 2016

Good for you for recognizing where your resistance is coming from. As we are learning this is work, mental hard work. We are overcoming years of conditioned thought. Continue being kind to yourself and resetting as you need. We are all here championing each other on!

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