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It’s all in the Details

By Deborah | Master Key Experience 2016 - Present

positive affirmations

If anyone has any questions on how affirmations should be done watch this great video of Jessica.


Well, I have realized that you really have to be specific with your affirmations and what you think about.  I mean, I knew this but I was reminded recently how true this is.

I was driving to one of my offices and it was really raining hard.  I was stuck in traffic and I was really starting to stress about being late.  I kept telling myself that I would have plenty of time, relax, and breathe.  I kept telling myself this phrase over and over again.  I was also listening to the audio recordings of the week.  Well, I finally made it to the office.  I was late but what happened is that my first three appointments did not show at all.  So, in essence, I did have plenty of time but not quite in the way that I meant it.

I was reminded that this happened to me a while ago as well.  I made myself an affirmation tape with the phrase “I am driving a new green Subaru Outback.”  I did eventually end out driving a new green Subaru Outback but it was not mine.  It was owned by the company that I work for.  At the time I thought that the universe has a sense of humor.  Now I know that it was because I was not specific and I did not give “subby” sufficient information and details.

I am so glad that I have coaches who are helping me with my DMP to get it just right.  Who knows where I would end up with vague language and not enough specifics.

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Rob Dunn November 2, 2016

Great post, Debbie!

Jessica has some great moves – and words. I think, however, that this video is more motivating –


And, yes, we DO have to watch how we talk to Subby. For instance, I wouldn’t want to be the guy who, 3 times a day, tells Subby “I want to play with the Red Sox.” Ha!

    Debbie Donaldson November 2, 2016


Willetta October 30, 2016

I love Jessica’s affirmations! I appreciate your examples of why being specific is so important,

    Debbie Donaldson November 2, 2016

    Thanks Willetta. I really enjoyed her enthusiasm.

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