Mentor – 6 Great Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Hire One

Hiring a mentor- 6 questions to ask yourself

Ok, in my journey as an online marketer I have struggled with the following questions.

  • Do I need a mentor?  
  • Will having a mentor speed up my success?  
  • How do I find a mentor? 
  • What questions should I stay away from?

Have you reached the level of success that you expected in the amount of time that you have been working on your business?   Are you wondering if having a mentor would speed up your rate of success.  

When I first started looking I just did not know how to go about finding a mentor or what questions I should be asking a mentor.  The following questions are important no matter what niche you are in.

Start Here - Do I need a Mentor?


There are 6 questions that you should be asking yourself to find out the answer to this.

#1: Have you started in the direction you want to go?

#2: Are you struggling with a specific aspect of your business?

#3: Is this something you can find the answer to with some research on google?

#4: Do you want to speed up your success?

#5: Do you want to reduce your frustration and the number of mistakes you make by trying to do this on your own?

#6  Are you coachable?

#1: Have you started in the direction you want to go?

If you don't know where you are going it would be difficult for a coach to help you to grow you business.  You would not even know what niche to look in.  Make sure that before you start looking for a mentor or coach that you know what niche you are in.  

You need to know what your business goals are, and you have actually started doing the work.  How do you know if you need a mentor if you have not started down the road of growing your business.

A teacher will not work with you and take up their valuable time if they do not think that you will put the work in.  If you have already started building your business then they would know that you are serious.  

So many people think that they want an online business but once they start and they run into some roadblocks...suddenly having your own online business does not sound as fun or as easy as you thought it would be.

If you want a mentor who will be straight with you and tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear you can check out my review of my Mentor's program here.

#2: Are you struggling with a specific aspect of your business?

 To answer this question I will use blogging as an example.  

You have picked your niche, and you are creating content. You are consistent with putting out content every week but you are not getting any visitors to your site.  Your business is not growing.  You feel like you have taken the action steps necessary to grow your buisness but  maybe you are missing a critical piece of knowledge.

What do you do?

Well, what I would do is hire a mentor who is excellent in blogging.  Someone who has the level of success in blogging that I asire to.  I would not hire someone who is great with Facebook if what I am trying to do is grow my business with blogging.

#3: Is this something you can find the answer to with some research on google?

Before you go to someone to ask them to be your teacher/coach you will want to have done your research first.  Not only research on your topic but also research on your mentor.

The questions that you have, are they something that is easily answered with a quick Google or YouTube search?  

Have you done your research on your mentor and know the type of work that they do and what their area of expertice is?  What products do they have and are you familiar with them?

#4: Do you want to speed up your success?

Some people are actually happy with the rate that their business is growing.  In their case they would not be looking for a mentor to speed up their business growth.  

If you are like my you may want to speed up your rate of success.  Maybe you have had some success but are now looking to grow faster or scale your business.  

Have you laid a solid foundation?  You will not be able to gain success quickly or maintain any level of success if your foundation is shaky.

Having the right mentor will definitely help you to not only make sure that your business is set up for success but will help you to focus on what you need to do to gain success quickly.

#5: Do you want to reduce your frustration and the number of mistakes you make by trying to do this on your own?

Being Stubborn

Are you tired of spending your time online trying to figure out the answers to how to attain success with your business?  You purchase one program after another in an effort to learn what you need to know.  You are making costly mistakes and buying programs that are not necessary.

I highly recommend getting a mentor who can help to guide you in the right direction and and help to reduce your frustration and the mistakes that you are making.

A mentor is someone who has already made the journey and was successful.  They will be able to steer you away from spinning your wheels on something that may be unnecessary.

A mentor is someone who will help you lay out a realistic plan and goals on how to achieve what you want with minimal mistakes and frustrations.  Mentors are not there to swoop you up out of your struggles.  They are there to share what they have learned and how they would do things differently if they were to do it again today.

#6  Are you coachable?

This is the final question to ask yourself.  Are you coachable?  If you are not coachable then do not bother looking for a mentor.  It will be a waste of your time and money and definitely a waste of your mentors time.  

Most people who are successful do not do activites that waste their time.  They want to work with people who are motivated and are passionate about what they want. People who are willing to follow direction.

What's the point of asking for direction if you won't follow what is said.

having a mentor will definitely speed up your learning curve and will help you to attain success much faster than if you were trying to learn and do eveything yourself.

How do I find a mentor? 

Top Earner Transformation Mentor

Find A Mentor

As I mentioned above, are you currently working towards your goal?  If you are then many times a mentor can appear organically.  Some people find their mentors through Facebook groups or from someone that they know.  

As you are involved with your business you may just naturally come across someone who you would like to be your mentor. A mentor is someone who either has the success that you are going for or a mentor can be someone at or just above your current level.

You may find it easier to relate to a mentor who is close to your level of success.  Their skill level is close to yours and their action steps are something that you can see yourself doing.  If they are doing it then you can do it.

Finding a mentor who is a 7 figure earner can actually be a little intimidating.  They are at a much higher level in terms of skills and mindset.  Many successful people have forgotten what it actually to them to get where they are. 

I am currently working with a 7-figure earner.  One of the reasons why I chose him is that he is very easy to relate to.  He is down to earth and is very open about what he has done to acheive his success and what he wishes that he had done differently.  He is helping me develop not only the right mindset but the action steps that are needed to grow my business. 

I consider him to be a good mentor because he is helping me to learn the skills so that I can be self-reliant.  I can copy his DFY business until I learn to do it on my own.  This will help me to get to success much faster.  Not only that but he is available.  Not only does he have a private Facebook group but he is active in there all the time answering questions and providing not only group training but 1 on 1 mentorship.

He is also partnering with me to help me grow my business until I can do it myself.  In fact he has allowed me to share his FREE 10K/Month Business Formula.  

Can you have more than one mentor?

You can absolutely have more than one mentor.  Just don't try to have more than one at the same time.  You will end out being horribly confused.  They will have different points of view on how you should proceed.  

Both points of view or methods would work if you just focused on one of them.  To try and do both will be the death bell on your business.  To create enough momentum for success you will really need to focus on one method with one mentor.

Also as your business grows you may have different questions or need different mentors to help you on your journey.

You will need to earn their respect.

Successful people are busy.  They didn't get to their level of success by sitting on their bum not doing anything.

In order to work with you they need to know that you are serious.  You will need to earn their respect.

You earn their respect by doing the work.  If they have any programs or books available you purchase them so that you can learn.  You will not get something for nothing.

3 questions to never ask your mentor

1:  Will you be my mentor?

When you are looking for a mentor do not start with the question, will you be my mentor?  Instead ask the question,  how did you get started?  As you get into the conversation you will learn if this person is the correct choice for you and the direction that you want to go with your business.

2:  Never ask for a step-by-step guide

I have come to find out that one of the most hated questions is, will you give me a step-by-step guide/blueprint to grow my business?  This is a very difficult question for a mentor to answer.  

Growing a business is a very creative process and they do not know where you are in your business development.  Everyones' journey is different and it really depends on the skills and passion that you bring to the table.

The question to ask instead is, what would you do differently if you were to start over today?  This allows them to  discuss their journey and what they learned along the way.  They have the opportunity to share what they have learned and the mistakes they made.

3:  Never, ever ask you mentor for money!!

Finally, NEVER EVER ask your mentor for money or a handout.  If you find someone who who starts out saying that they want to invest in your business then it is fine.  This person may end out being your mentor.  If someone starts out as a mentor never ask for money.  If they offer then it is a different senario.


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