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The quality of my life tomorrow will depend entirely on what I am thinking today.
In order to make change in my life - I need to change my thoughts...

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A short essay by Emmet Fox reveals a simple truth.  We all naturally possess a certain degree of negativity bias.  Fox's writing opened my eyes to the amount of negativity I was allowing into my life (without realizing it) and showed me how to implement a strategy to get rid of it.  And it worked!  I thought you might like it too...

So, I created a FREE GIFT for you called Mind Shift using Fox’s essay to outline a guide for improving success in all aspects of your daily living.  

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Now, A Little about me

I grew up and remained in India until I was 14 years old. My parents were medical missionaries and dedicated their lives in service to others.

Both my parents had passed away by the time I was 14 and I traveled to the US to live with my oldest brother and his wife in New Jersey.  I was in shock and my life was turned upside down causing me to become shy and introverted. 

Fortunately,  I was able to overcome my challenges because my parents instilled in me the confidence to know I could learn to do anything I chose to do.

My parents also taught me the importance of being authentic and doing something you believed in, the power of gratitude, giving value, and being of service to others.

One of the many things I LOVE about what I do, is being able to help people and make a difference in their lives on a daily basis.   

I am extremely grateful to have discovered and mastered powerful principles which helped me create the lifestyle I always wanted but was afraid to ask for or even dream about. It was an enlightening transformation!

And it inspired me…

Deborah Donaldson
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How My Inspiration Helps You

I decided to create this website so that I could share practical information that will help you create the passive income you desire, and have the freedom to follow your passion.  I want to help you to create the lifestyle and time freedom you want!

I will cut through the BS and share principles, products and resources. This information will help you to focus on a purposeful vision, achieve significant goals or create a sustainable, passive income.

I include timely educational articles addressing issues we are facing today so you’ll find out how to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and more time with your family and friends.  Health and mindset play a huge roll in financial success.  

I want to experience life on my terms and so I sincerely hope my perspective and ideas on how to make the changes I want  - will be helpful for you too.

life Is Not Measured By the Number of Breaths We Take,
But By the moments That Take Our Breath Away

Get Mind Shift Free

A free Gift - The 7 Day Mental Diet

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