90 Minute Affiliate Challenge – How To Learn High Ticket Affiliate Marketing In 90 Minutes

The 90 minute affiliate challenge will teach you high ticket affiliate marketing.  After going through this challenge you will learn how to do high ticket affiliate marketing.   

To Get The Most Out Of This Product

It's important to not only watch the introduction video presented by Brian, but also to take action and implement what is learned. This course is aptly titled '90-minute Affiliate' as watching all the videos straight through will take only 90 minutes, however true success in creating a high ticket affiliate marketing business requires more than just viewing the videos.

Create Your Account

Don't be fooled into believing that simply watching these videos and sitting back in your easy chair will result in money pouring in - that is not true.

 After watching the video, click here to get access to the free course today. Enter your email address so you can receive access to the course. Once you have registered, check your email for a login page and create your account from there.

 There are eight videos here. As I mentioned, if you watch them all in one go, it will only take about 90 minutes.  The videos are short and easy to consume, ranging from 8-15 minutes each - not like those long 1-2 hour training videos.

This isn't a site with 80 videos that require hours of effort before you can set up your high ticket affiliate marketing business.

90 minute affiliate challenge

By signing up for Brian's program, you have the opportunity to give away his free 90-minute affiliate challenge. The sign up process includes a couple of optional upsells.  (Don't get mad about this.  This is what on line marketing is all about.)  You don't have to purchase them if you don't want to.

One of the big benefits to this system is that if someone upgrades after you have given them access to to the challenge you would then get a commission.

The cool thing about this is that you can give a free high ticket affiliate marketing training provide all this value. Teach people about high ticket affiliate marketing, which is going to solve one of their issues.

Many people don't know how to do high ticket affiliate marketing, but by following and implementing the steps outlined in Brian's free training videos, they can learn how to do it in as little as 90 minutes. 

Why I decided to upgrade

I decided to purchase the upgrade to gain access to funnels for my own account and be able to email and follow up with people interested in subscribing to my email list.

The types of things you can learn from this 90-minute affiliate program include traffic, a three-part formula, hook story offer, and viral content training - there is a lot of value here!

Why use systeme.io

If you want to grow your email list then Systeme.io is a great option. I have discussed this in other videos and will link to them at the end. Systeme.io allows you to have up to 2,000 contacts in your email list before being charged, so it's completely free until then.

By the time you reach 2,000 contacts, you should be making money from your email list. As your list grows and they start charging for monthly access to Systeme.io, that's not an issue since as your email list increases so does your income - allowing you to easily cover those costs.

Also you can promote Systeme.io to your subscribers and get a recurring monthly income if they upgrade to a paid plan. 

If you get Systeme.io, you have access to Share Funnels. It's easy to use - just click a few buttons and it will be automatically added to your account. With the 90 minute affiliate challenge upgrade you will also receive 8 email in your email campaign.

These emails are already set up with the timing for when they should go out. However, you need to customize them so that they sound like you and make people like and trust you - add your affiliate link and make slight changes.

Once you have your full funnel set up, you can take a look at the landing page which outlines how to start a side hustle in just 90 minutes with no fluff training and insider secrets. All that is needed is for someone to enter their name and email address and they will receive the registration link. The email addresses will then be stored in an autoresponder.

If you are a beginner and don't feel like you have the skills to manage your own email list, simply use your affiliate link to send people directly to Brian Brewers' opt-in page.

This way, he will collect the emails and follow up for you. As you gain more skills, start using Systeme.io to collect your own email addresses and add them to your campaign series. You can also email your list about other programs or products that might be helpful after running a 90-minute affiliate challenge campaign.

I have made a step by step guide on the 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge

Benefits To Giving Away The Free 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge

  • Great way to learn high ticket affiliate marketing in short amount of time
  • Build know like and trust by giving away free value
  • People can choose their level of involvement. If they choose to upgrade then you would earn a commission
  • Done for you funnel and emails if you upgrade to get access to clone the funnel and emails.
  • Grow your email list so that you can promote other offers in the future.


Brian does an excellent job of breaking the information down into easy-to-understand and implement steps, which can help you build your business. Below, I have included links to the 90-Minute Affiliate Challenge and Systeme.io so that you can get started with increasing your income by promoting other products and building relationships with subscribers.

If you're interested in taking advantage of the free 90-minute affiliate training, which includes 8 videos about high-ticket affiliate marketing, then go ahead and sign up!

I have included links to both the 90-Minute Affiliate Challenge, Systeme.io as well as Legendary Marketer 15-Day Business Builder Challenge so that you can get started with increasing your income by promoting other products and building relationships with your subscribers.

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