How To Succeed As An Affiliate Marketer In 2020 Using Affiliate Secrets 2.0

Are you struggling as an affiliate marketer?  Learn from someone who has generated over 1 million dollars as an affiliate.

BY Deborah Donaldson



affiliate secrets 2.0
Review Summary

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Affiliate Secrets 2.0

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Affiliate Marketing Training


This review summary I will be covering both the good stuff and the bad stuff.  This is my honest opinion.  I will explain why I decided to invest in this program for myself.

I have been an affiliate marketer for a number of years.  Initially I got started because I was really looking for something that I could do from home that would give me both time and money freedom.  

What I didn't realize at the time was how much I had to learn.  All I heard was how easy this industry was and all I would have to do is post my link and people would buy.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  

My goal was to be an affiliate for Clickfunnels which is a landing page builder software. Check out my Clickfunnels review article here. At the time that I joined they paid 40% recurring.  I thought that this was AWESOME!  

In my head I was already adding up how many affiliates I would need to have signed up using my link in order to replace my current income.  

After a couple of years... reality and depression struck.  I still did not have anyone signed up using my link AND I had spent so much money on solo ads and other promotions. My cash reserves were dwindling.  People signed up for the trial but then quit.  I had to do something.

I Asked Myself...How Do I Find The People Who Are Already Looking For This Product?

How can I learn to promote affiliate products successfully?  

Instead of promoting to people who aren't looking specifically for this product...why not promote to those people who are.  This sounds so much easier.

affiliate secrets masterclass

Who Can Teach Me How To Be A Good Affiliate Marketer?

I am sure you have heard the sayings "Don't reinvent the wheel" and "find a mentor" and "learn from someone who is already successful doing what you want to do.

So...that's what I did!  I found AFFILIATE SECRETS 2.0.

Learn Affiliate Marketing From  A 7 Figure Earner...

Spencer Mecham is the creator of the Affiliate Secrets 2.0 program and he is a 7 figure earner.  He is earning six figures/month from Clickfunnels as an affiliate.  He know what he is talking about and has the system that will help you to be successful no matter what program you are promoting.  

Spencer has qualified more than once as a Clickfunnels Dream Car Winner.  I have seen that more than 10 people have attributed their Clickfunnels success to Spencer Mecham.  

I am currently enrolled in another one of his programs that will be released soon... Stay Tuned...  I have to say that he is a super humble guy and he really knows what he is talking about.  He is willing to share what he knows without holding anything back.

affiliate secrets courses

There is so much information packed into this program that Spencer broke the information out into separate modules

As you can see from the image there are a lot of modules and information included in the Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Course.  

There is a specific training focused on Clickfunnels.  This module contains 14 video lessons. If you are focused on Clickfunnels then I would recommend doing this module first.

Spencer includes lots of training on different traffic methods.  I think one of the areas where people say that they are having the most trouble with their online business is getting traffic to their offers.  This training covers this issue extensively. 

I am in the process of going back and re watching the modules.  There is so much good stuff packed into this program that you will not be able to absorb it all in one go through.

What is included in the Affiliate Secrets traffic training?

affiliate secrets training modules

Here is an image of the training that is included in the traffic section.    

There are 12 modules in the YouTube Training

14 modules in the Adwords training. 

Solo Ads has 3 modules

Instagram has 4 modules.

Quora has 3 modules


Facebook groups has 4 modules.

Facebook ads has 6 modules 

Pinterest training has 21 modules.

How Much Does Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Cost?

This training is not cheap.  I feel that the amount of training included makes it well worth the price.  At the time of writing this review the Affiliate Secrets 2.0 course costs $897.  I know that this price will only go up over time.  

Once you are a member of Affiliate Secrets 2.0 you get access to all future upgrades.  When Spencer upgrades this program I know that the price will go up again.  If this is something that you are interested in I would not delay.

This is NOT a get rich quick program.  A lot of the strategies covered in this program take time.  Also, if you are thinking of promoting Clickfunnels as an affiliate please make sure that you read the affiliate agreement.  

Some of their rules have changed since Spencer created this course.  This is only to be expected since people are always changing and updating programs.  Clickfunnels has made some changes to their rules for advertising.  You are no longer able to do direct linking as mentioned in the Affiliate Secrets training.

affiliate secrets 2.0

Check out my YouTube review video.


I take you behind the scenes and show you what is included.

BONUS: Purchase the program and qualify as an Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Affiliate

If you decide to purchase Affiliate Secrets 2.0 you will also have the ability to be an affiliate for the program.  If you are just starting out this is a great program to promote because Spencer is VERY Generous with his payouts.  Spencer pays out 50% in commissions so all it would take is 2 sales through your link for you to make back your investment in this course.

If you are not able to afford this program or you are just looking for FREE stuff then check out his YouTube Channel and access his FREE Training here.

This is a comprehensive affiliate marketing course

There is the saying "You get what you pay for".  I felt like I got a lot more than what I paid for this program.


You can not go wrong with this product.  Spencer has not held anything back with this training.  If you follow the lessons and take it a step at a time you will learn valuable skills that will transfer to other businesses.  What you learn here will help you succeed no matter what type of business you are involved in.  

Learning to be effective with social medial and paid ads are skills that will serve you well.


The Good Stuff:
  • Lots of training not only on Clickfunnels but different traffic methods as well.
  • Spencer over delivers on his information.
  • Guest presenters on specific topics
  • Spencer holds nothing back
The Bad Stuff:
  • Sometimes I felt like he went a little fast over some of the material. Especially in the Adwords section.
  • Some of the Adwords Training may be out of date
  • Some people may get a little overwhelmed with the amount of training that is included with this course.

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