Being Stubborn – Big Sign Of Success Or Failure

Being stubborn: Is this a big sign of success or failure?

I consider myself to be a stubborn person.  Sometimes I have wondered if my being stubborn is a deteriment to my wellbeing and overall happiness.  Many people would have givien up by now if they had not acheived the success that they wanted in 5 years.  I am still working hard towards my goals.

I look at others who are "successful" and wonder how many attemps they made before it all came together.  I now that a lot of people who are considered "overnight success stories" actually have been working the business for a long time.  You don't hear much about the people who are struggling.  

There are so many people that have tried and failed so many times before they "made it". 


I have recently seen some signs of progress.  It only takes one sale to make you a believer that this is possible.  If I can make one dollar I can make more.  Many of the gurus say that your first 1000 is the most difficult.  I would have to agree. 

I have jumped around so much that basically I have been starteding over with every new offer.  Intellectually I know that this is not the way to build a business.  I still did it.  I would ask myself why am I doing this when I know better.  Basically, it is so much easier to just buy something new than to continue to struggle with what you have. 

Being Stubborn Is Necessary For Success

I think you do need to be very stubborn to succeed on line.  You need to think of your business with long range goals and not immedicate success, a marathon instead of a sprint. 

How many times does a baby fail in leanring to walk but keeps going.  The thing that gets in the way is the pressure we put on our selves. 

When a baby falls he/she doesn't think I am a teerrible person becuase I fell down.  No...they just get back up and keep the goal of getting to their target.  

As an adult we have learned to judge ourselves and our performance.  We are so hard on ourselves.  My internal dialog is:  my husband will judge me because I have failed, I judge myself as a failure becauase it has taken me so long.  

The thing that is frustrating is that I see others succeeed much faster than me. Comparing yourself to others is is another critical mistake.   We all have our own journey to make and as long as you are moving toward your goal your defininte purpuse you just have to know that it will happen.  

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