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Freedom Breakthrough - Affiliate Blueprint Academy

Top 5 Benefits for You


Benefit Number 1 Of Freedom Breakthrough

With this training Jonathan Montoya actually starts at the beginning with terminolgy and how to pick your niche.  Many of the other programs that I have seen actually skip over some of the more basic steps that people need when they are just starting out.  So many affiliate marketing trainers (gurus) have forgotten what it was like to be a beginner/newbie.


Benefit Number 2 Of This Affiliate Marketing Training

Even if you are experienced as an affiliate marketer you will get a great deal of benefit from this program.  Jonathan has inlcuded modules from a number of SUPER AFFILIATES.

The value of these bonus lessons is over $3000

  1. Nathan Lucas covers SEO mastery
  2. Joshua Ong teaches about how to use Facebook organic traffic for high ticket sales.  
  3. Alex Branning shows you how to stucture the perfect affiliate offer.  
  4. Paul Mottley shows you step by step how he won his Clickfunnels dreamcar


Freedom Breakthrough Benefit Number 3

Jonathan covers FREE traffic methods as well as how to be successful with PAID traffic methods.  Not a lot of people will share their secrets but Jonathan does.

FREE Methods

  1. Free Traffic with Facebook
  2. Free Traffic with YouTube
  3. Free Traffic with TikTok

Paid Methods

  1. Paid Ads with Google
  2. Paid Ads with TikTok
  3. Paid Ads with Facebook



TWO More Amazing Benefits - MY 2 BONUSES

Use my link to purchase and get a full affiliate bootcamp training as well as my full Clickfunnels training FOR FREE. This is over $1994 in value

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$ 997.00 VALUE

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