GetResponse Review 2020 – Is It The Best Autoresponder For Beginners?

GetResponse Autoresponder Review 2020

In this article on GetResponse I will be answering the questions:

  • What is an Autoresponder?
  • How Does GetResponse Work?
  • Why is GetResponse the best for beginners?
  • Why is it important to use an autoresponder?
  • Does GetResponse have an affiliate program?
  • Is it even possible to make money with the GetResponse affiliate program?

What is an autoresponder?

So basically an autoresponder is a company that holds the data base of all of the email address that you have collected from your promotions.  If you are a marketer you may typically have a tiny website with an optin box.  

This is also called a squeeze page or optin page.  Typically you are giving away something for free in exchange for an email address (ethical bribe).  The reason you want the email address is so that you can follow up with people and provide value on the item/service that they are interested in.

So what happens to that email address once they enter it and say that they want your freebie or give-away?

Well, in the background of your funnel or tiny website that email address is sent onto what is called an autoresponder which is a  data base of all of your email addresses.  

An autoresponder gives you the ability to follow up with your customers or people who have asked for information.  Most people do not purchase the first time that they see something and this provides you with the ability to follow up with people via email and provide information and value.

Say you ran a promotion and ended up with 500 people on your email list.  It would be incredibly difficult to manage and follow up with each person from you individual email. Not only that but you would end up in the spam folder for sending the same email to so many people.

How does GetResponse work?

You can see from the image below that you get "traffic" people to your mini website/funnel where you are offering something for free in exchange for an email address.  If the person feels that they will get value from what you are offering they will enter their email address in exchange for the information.

Some marketers will also add a box for name as well.  Just be aware that the more information that you request the lower the number of people that will opt into your list.

Once the person enters their email then they are sent onto the next step of the sales process.  This could be a thank-you page or a bridge page.  In the background the email address is sent onto the autoresponer that you have connected to your mini website.

basic funnel

Why is GetResponse the best for beginners?

GetResponse is great for beginner marketers because it is very easy to set up.  You also get a lot of features.  GetResponse gives you the ability to send emails, and build landing pages.  This give you the ability to automate your marketing.

The ability to automate things is huge.  You can schedule out your emails so that if you are going on vacation you can still have your emails sent out on schedule so that you can continue to earn while you are relaxing.  This is one way to build that laptop lifestyle.

They also have a 30 day free trial so you have the opportunity to really give it a good test run to make sure that it is a good match for you and your business.  GetResponse prices are lower than a lot of the other companies out there.

If you are just starting out in your online business you need certain tools.  It is great to find a tool/software that is not going to "break the bank.

getresponse pricing 2


Why is it important to use an autoresponder?

As I stated above, an autoresponder gives you the ability to follow up with people.  Most people do not purchase the first time that they see something.  They purchase from people that they know like and trust.  Following up with people via email is a great way for them to get to know like and trust you.

There are a couple of different types of emails that you can set up.

You can set up emails to be scheduled, or you can do more of a broadcast/newsletter that goes out right away.  They also have templates that you can use in your campaigns.

Typically the way that things work is that the marketer may have 5 -10 emails that go out regarding their special offer that the person opted in for.  Those emails may be scheduled to go out 1/day.  Then once that email series is done the person gets moved to a broadcast list where you continue to provide value and send them information on other products that you promote.  This is where the profit is and this is why it is critical to have an email list.

If you are not collecting emails you really don't have a business.  An email list is an assest.  Don't get me can make some money by promoting directly to your offer.  Long term success of your business is through your email list.

Does GetResponse have an affiliate program?

GetResponse does have an affiliate program.  It is very unique in that there are two different ways that you can earn.  

In the basic recurring affiliate program you earn 33% of the monthly fee.  This is long term revenue and it takes quite a while to build up sufficient income.  This method is more of a "long game".  

The nice thing with this method is that it gives some consistency to your affiliate know you will be getting a certain amount every month. There will be some variation as you get more people signed up or if people quit or move on to a different company.

The other way to earn is through their affiliate bounty program.  With this method you earn a one time commission of $100 for every signup.  This can give your business an influx of cash.  This means that your affiliate check may have some big swings in terms of the amount paid. 

getresponse affiliate program

Is it possible to make money with the GetResponse affiliate program?

So, to answer this question the answer is YES.  Just like with anything you will need to promote the offer.  You will not make any money with the affiliate program if you don't get anyone signed up.  

In the beginning it may help you out to start off with the bounty program because you get your money in a larger sum up front.  Once you have your system set up and you are getting more and more people aigned up through your link it may be worth switching to the 33% method to give your check some stability.

Just to be clear...if someone signs up through your bounty affiliate link it does not mean that they are going to have to pay $100 upfront.  They still get their 30-day free trial and approximately $15/month for 1000 or less subscribers.  

In Summary

GetResponse is a great place to start with autoresponders. It has a ton of features and is very easy to use.  There is also a 30-day free trial so that you can really use the software and make sure that it is a good match for you and your business.  

Not only is it a great program to use for you email marketing but you can also make some money as an affiliate.  You can sign up for the recurring program or the the bounty program.

My recommendation is to only promote programs that you actually use and like.  If you don't think it's worth investing in then you will have difficultly getting others to purchase.

If you want to learn more about how to email prospects and get them to respond you may want to check out this article in Forbes.

Click the link below to check it out.


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