I’m Starting A 30-Day Challenge…Here’s Why I’m Committed!

I’m Starting A 30-Day Challenge… Here’s Why I’m Committed!

I’m starting a 30-day challenge because I needed a push to get focused on getting people to my offers.  This 30-day challenge/boot camp is all about “traffic”.  How to get people to your offers.  This challenge is taught by Dave Sharpe and Alex Ford with Legendary Marketer.

I had recently joined the Legendary Marketer’s 15-day Business Builder Challenge. This Challenge is 15 days of new content and value released after you complete the previous module. It is set up to be done in 15 days meaning that there are 15 different modules but you can do the modules at your own pace and you can go back and review the information at any time.

I completed the challenge and I was very impressed with the value and content that was provided. Even though I have been an affiliate marketer for 4 years I still learned so much from the Challenge. In many ways, I feel that it changed the trajectory of my business.  The cool thing about the 15-day Business Builder Challenge is that you are assigned a business coach and you learn how to create your business plan.

There seem to be two main issues with marketers/businesses.

One is, how to get people to your offer/store (traffic). Two is, once people see your offer/product how to convert them to a sale? You need to learn how to solve the first problem which is getting enough people to your offer. Then you can learn how to create sales.

It does not matter what type of business you have.

You need customers or leads to your offers/products. If you have an affiliate marketing business, MLM or Brick and Mortar business…you need people to see your offers/products.

I have been an Affiliate Marketer for about 4 years now. I realized that I was lacking knowledge of how to get people to my offers.

In other words, I was lacking the ability to generate leads. Getting my offers in front of people consistently has been something that I have struggled with over the years. I have seen and promoted many good offers. I have seen others succeed where I have failed and the reason for this is that they knew how to get “traffic” and I did not know how to consistently get people to my offers.  This 30-day challenge couldn’t have come at a better time.

What was I missing??

Do you ever feel like you are missing some critical information? I am a hard worker. Typically I go through all of the training modules and I do the work but things still don’t seem to work the way that I want. I heard about this 30 Day Traffic Bootcamp. In order to learn and grow and become better at what I want to do I need to learn to do things differently so, I signed up. If what you are doing is not working then change what you are doing!

With this Bootcamp, I will be learning how to generate free traffic to my offers. I am very interested in learning Free methods to generate leads. By “free” I know that I will be paying with my time versus paying with cash. I have tried paid ads with FaceBook, Google and Bing and they are all quite complicated. I learned that it is very easy to burn through a lot of money with no results to show for my efforts.

Read more about 5 things to know before choosing an affiliate marketing program.

Many people think that “Free” means no effort but this is not accurate.

What free means is that the method does not require money but you will pay with your time and effort.

The 30-day challenge/traffic boot camp is going to help me to create content consistently for 30 days.  I have created content in the past but I did not have any regular schedule or consistency to my posting.  What I am learning is that consistent quality is better than poor quantity.

Another reason why I am so excited about the Bootcamp is that I get to join a free private Facebook Group. This gives me community and support as well as accountability and instruction. I will have people who will push me or help me as I need in order to grow and get better and what I do.

30-day challenge

There is new information posted in the Facebook group every day. Also just for completing the challenge, there will be some awesome prizes. Everyone who finishes has the same opportunity to win.


If you want to find out more about this my recommendation is that you start out by doing the 15-Day Business Builder Challenge. Click Here For More Information.



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