Legendary Marketer Review – Why I Decided To Join- 7 Bonuses Included

This article is a Legendary Marketer Review.  This information will be very helpful especially to new or struggling affiliate marketers.

I want to start off by explaining what Legendary Marketer is:

Legendary Marketer is an education platform that also offers an affiliate program.  There is so much training and value in this program that I was blown away.  I thought it might be easier to explain what this program is in a video.

This program is for you if you are:

  • Struggling with your affiliate marketing business?
  • Tired of jumping from offer to offer?
  • Thinking that the gurus are hiding success tips from you?
  • Wondering why do others succeed and you are still struggling?

 I have something really powerful to share with you about the Legendary Marketer program.

If you are anything like me you know that the affiliate marketing business model works. Some of my friends started on their affiliate marketing journey after me and now they have surpassed me in income. I kept asking myself “why am I not successful?” Maybe you feel like I did, you are a smart person and have been successful in your current job.  You may be thinking I went to college and graduated…why isn’t this working? I am following directions, completing the assignments. What is going on??

I have spent four years beating my head against the desk and I didn’t get anywhere. I have burned through close to 20K trying to find the secret formula. I was jumping from offer to offer always with the hope that maybe this was the program that was going to turn my business around. In affiliate marketing, this is known as the “shiny object syndrome”. I had a bad case of it. I kept failing… I was super depressed.

I was looking for something that would show me step by step how this works and what to do. A good friend of mine introduced me to what I am about to share with you. The strategies that I learned here have changed the way that I do business. That’s what I’m going to share with you.

If you want to learn how to create a successful affiliate marketing business then continue reading.

The program that I am talking about is called Legendary Marketer. (You may have gotten that from the title of this post. 🙂) Legendary Marketer was created by a guy named Dave Sharpe. Dave is someone who struggled in the beginning. He has gone from sleeping on the couch to creating multiple seven-figure businesses all on the internet. He knows what it is like to struggle and scratch to make this work.

As a result of this, he has put together a program that teaches people step-by-step what they need to do in order to be successful. The principles that he teaches apply not only to affiliate marketing but to any business model. You can be in business for yourself but not by yourself. I did not come up with this statement but it applies so well to this program.

I recently wrote an article about the Legendary Marketer program and why I decided to join.

If you would like to read more about Dave Sharpe he was interviewed by Forbes. You can read that article here.

I have a challenge for you!

The program that Dave has developed is called the Legendary Marketer 15-Day Business Builder Challenge.

There are a couple of benefits to this training program that others do not offer. The first couple of modules are basic business principles about setting up your business and how to think about your business so that you set yourself up for success. Dave talks at a level that everyone can understand, newbie to experienced marketers. Dave presents his information in an easy to digest format. Everyone can learn something from this program, newbie or experienced.

What is the Legendary Marketer 15-Day Business Builder Challenge?

I recently completed the Legendary Marketer 15-Day Business Builder Challenge.  In my opinion, the amount of value provided in this training was huge.  Each day a new module is unlocked.  You are assigned a personal advisor who has the knowledge and experience to help guide you in your marketing journey.  With this challenge, you will learn how to get high-quality leads and high ticket customers and profits without guesswork and confusion.  You will also learn how to create your business plan.

This is not cookie-cutter training, this plan is specific to you and what you want to accomplish.  Not having a business plan addresses one of the big reasons why people fail in marketing. Most people are not sure where they are going and if they do know where they are going they don’t know how to get there.



From my experience, many programs say that they offer coaching/advising but what that means is that you are in a Facebook group where you can ask questions (group coaching). Don’t get me wrong this can be awesome and you do get coaching but it’s not personal. I really appreciated the one on one attention and care that I was given.



One of the other benefits is that you will get is a blueprint and a questionnaire. The questionnaire will help you to get crystal clear on why you’re doing this, what you’re looking to achieve, and how this program can help you get there faster. The second part of this is learning how to create a blueprint for your business. Every business should have a blueprint.

If you don’t have one it would be like trying to build a house without a blueprint. It’s not all going to come together properly. You may have all of the right tools and materials but because you don’t have a plan you can’t see how it all fits together. So it’s a matter of not only knowing the steps but doing the steps in the correct sequence/order that creates a solid business. Always the first step is to create a solid foundation and that is what this challenge will help you do.


Part of the success blueprint is also your mindset. Creating a successful career for yourself takes time. This is true for online businesses as well as brick and mortar businesses. One of the statistics that I have heard is that most brick and mortar businesses are expected to lose money during the first five years that they are open.


Start your business with the mindset that this is a marathon, not a sprint. With technology these days there is so much information out there that sometimes it is difficult to decipher the best way to go. People have access to information faster than ever. This is why it is so essential to have a coach/team to support and help guide you on your journey.

A recommended resource is “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. This book really opened my eyes to my work situation. I was definitely raised to go to college and then find a job and work for the next 40–50 years. I was definitely on the wrong side of the quadrant.

You can get this book on Amazon. “Rich Dad Poor Dad” really got me thinking about how I am spending my time making my boss rich. This is when I really started the journey of my online business.

I knew what I wanted and affiliate marketing was a perfect fit.

  • I wanted to be my own boss, in control of my hours and I definitely did not want to have employees.
  • The ability to work from anywhere as long as there was an internet connection. I was searching for the “laptop lifestyle”.
  • Freedom to spend time with my husband and family, go where I wanted when I wanted.

In the Legendary Marketer 15-Day Business Builder Challenge, Dave will also teach you three high-income skills.

1: Lead Generation

2: Copywriting

3: Sales and Presenting

One of the main areas most people will say that they struggle with is lead generation. How to get people to their offers.

There are two main ways to get people to your offers: free and paid.

facebook and google


Free Methods:

If you are using free methods you may not be paying with cash money but you are paying with your time. If you are just starting out and money is tight this may need to be the way to start. Just realize that free methods are typically slower and take quite a bit more of your time to do.

Some of the free methods are creating YouTube videos, posting on Facebook, starting a FaceBook group, any other social media posting. Basically you are trying to build a following of people who are interested in what you are doing and resonate with you.

The other aspect of the free method is organic traffic. This usually happens when you have been consistently putting out free content and value and you are starting to get traction. Then Facebook or Google, YouTube might start recommending your content or your content gets shared. You will start to get traffic from your content being shared and this is considered organic traffic.

Paid Methods:

Paid methods usually include things like Ads on Social Media, Google/Bing search, Solo ads, Craigslist, Newspapers, etc. Unless you really know what you are doing you can really burn through quite a bit of money quickly using these paid methods. What has worked for me is using a combination of paid and free methods.

Solo ads will get you a lot of views on your offer quickly. This comes in handy if you are testing out your landing page and want to know if it is converting. I have a number of solo ad vendors that I have vetted. Stay away from anyone who says that they will give 10,000 clicks for some minimal price.

These clicks are usually “bots” and they are not worth anything. All of those “bot” clicks will just mess up your statistics and the product creator’s statistics. You will end up with product creators that do not want you as an affiliate. As with anything you get what you paid for. If you pay for junk… you will get junk.

With search traffic (google/bing) you really need to do your keyword research and understand search terms. There are a lot of details in setting up both google and bing ads.

With Facebook ads, you really need to have a bridge page on your offer and do not link directly to the affiliate offer. Facebook does not like promotions directly to affiliate offers. To be honest I have not figured out Facebook ads. This is an area that I am learning more about.


The other aspect of lead generation is conversions. How many people who see your offer actually purchase. This is where having good copywriting skills can really come in handy. You will need to be able to relate to people and explain the benefits of your program.

In general, most people do not care about the features they just want to know what this program/offer will do for them. The better you are in relating to your customer the more sales you will make. Copywriting is a skill that takes years to develop. People who are good copywriters are paid quite well for the material that they produce.


If you are too intimidated by copywriting you can always outsource to people who will write for you. There are a number of platforms out there where you can hire someone to write your copy. There is a charge for this but on Fiverr, you can hire people for $5 to do this. Don’t let the lack of copywriting skills stop you from chasing your dream of working from home or having a successful business.

The importance of webinars.

If the offer that you are promoting is of higher value many times the offer is promoted via a webinar. This is a very effective way to get your offer in front of people. In order to do this, you will need to learn sales and presenting skills.


Again these skills can take years to learn but you can start your journey with the 15-Day Business Builder Challenge.

The sales funnel software that I use is ClickFunnels. The creator of ClickFunnels has said that with any program that you promote that you should over-deliver so much that it becomes a no-brainer to sign up. Well, that is what I feel that Legendary Marketer has done. I created a YouTube video where I review the Legendary Marketer Bonuses that are included. You can watch it here:


Everything you get with the 15-Day Business Builder Challenge

Legendary Marketer
All that is included in the Legendary Marketer 15-Day Business Builder Challenge


There is a huge amount of value that is provided with this training.  As with anything you need to take action in order to be successful.


So…along with all of the training in the 15-day business builder challenge you also get 7 AWESOME BONUSES.

 💥 BONUS #1:  A Customized High-Ticket Business Plan

– Once inside the training you’ll have the core information and resources you need we’ll help you create your own customized business plan. You will now have clarity on exactly what you want and how to achieve it (step-by-step). This is what you’ve been missing that’s been holding you back…until now!

💥BONUS #2:  FB Ad Templates

– FB has an endless supply of leads for your new online business, but you’ll need to know how to grab their attention! To make sure you can do this you’ll be receiving templates complete with image and text examples of some of my students highest converting ads to ensure you get results and stay compliant!

💥BONUS #3:  High Ticket Email Templates

– The bedrock of every high ticket purchase is establishing trust and delivering value. Use these email templates to do that for you!

💥BONUS #4:  High Ticket Video Scripts

– Knowing what to say and how to stay can sometimes be overwhelming. With these video scripts, you’ll know exactly what to say and how to say it so you can build your brand and have a long-lasting high-ticket business (these will make you look like a rock star on video!)

💥BONUS #5:  High Ticket Phone Scripts

– Use these powerful phone scripts (or train someone) to enroll new high ticket clients into your business effortlessly and without being slimy or salesy. These scripts will give you the exact words to say to make enrolling new high-ticket clients simple, easy and effective.

💥BONUS #6:  Personal 1-on-1 Business Plan Consultation With An Advisor

– We have an experienced and professional team of Advisors that you can book a call with and get the personalized care and attention you’ve been missing. Ask questions and get helpful tips to avoid costly mistakes and achieve success as fast as possible.

💥BONUS #7:  A Copy Of My Top Converting Sales Funnel

– Just Copy & Paste and you’re ready to go!


These bonuses are my gift to you for taking action & getting access to the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge today!

Dave could be charging thousands of dollars for this training but quite frankly he is insane right now and is letting have access for only $7. I don’t know how long he is going to keep offering the challenge at this insanely low price so don’t wait too long to get started. At $7 I just don’t think that you can go wrong.

Go put your information in and let’s do this!

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