List Leverage Review – BEST Viral List Builder With 3 Recurring Income Streams

This is a review of a new affiliate program called List Leverage.

Do you struggle to get leads?

Are you looking for a viral list builder, a way to build your list through the efforts of others?

Do you struggle to make a profit with your affiliate program?

Are you using an affiliate offer that gives you recurring income?

Do you get bogged down with all of the tech stuff that’s needed to get things set up properly?

I recently signed up with a program/system called List Leverage.  There are a couple of reasons why I decided to join.

List Leverage Overview

1:  I really wanted to be part of a program that would help me build my list as well as give me recurring residual income.

2:  The autoresponder is already set up with all of the follow-up messages so it is done for me.  I can’t tell you how much time I have spent with other programs trying to make sure that I got everything set up correctly with my affiliate link.  No matter which of the three autoresponders mentioned below, that you choose the emails will already be set up with your affiliate link.

3:  There are high ticket offers on the back end

4:  I was able to get the system set up in 4 easy steps.  You can see in the image how clearly the system is set up.

In the past, I have signed up for some other programs and I have really gotten lost or overwhelmed with all of the technical steps needed to get everything set up.  Getting the autoresponder messages set up is not particularly complicated but it is very time-consuming getting the messages set up with the correct links and pages.  With list leverage, all of the messages are already preloaded and set up with all of the correct affiliate links so that I did not have to take the time to do that.

There are four recurring income streams in this system.

The first stream of income

is for the List Leverage system itself. You need to be a current member of the system in order to qualify for payment.

The second stream is for the autoresponder.

If you are building your list then you need an autoresponder to hold the database of all of your subscribers.  The autoresponder gives you the ability to follow up with and update all of your subscribers.  Once you have a list then you can email them other offers that are in the same niche that they have shown an interest in.

There are now 3 autoresponders that can be used with this system.  Aweber and GetResponse and the third one is called Send Shark.  Of the three autoresponders, I recommend either Aweber or GetResponse.  Although Send Shark does have a bonus of 50,000 subscribers for $25/month it is a little more expensive than the other autoresponders.  Autoresponders like Aweber and GetResponse you only get about 2500 subscribers for $25-$29/month.  If you are really building your list this can end out saving you quite a bit.  Both Aweber and GetResponse have 30-day free trial which SendShark does not.

If you would like to read more about autoresponders I wrote a post about the importance of your email list.




The third income stream is for traffic.

No matter what business you are in you need to get people in front of you offers and so getting traffic is always necessary.  This is also where the high ticket offers come in because people can purchase large packages of traffic.

This is also where the viral list building happens.  If someone signs up using your link and they sign up five people the fifth person rolls up to your list.  If the person signs up 100 people then 20 of those people would roll up to your list.  This is called VIRAL list building.  Just imagine if you had 10 people who all signed up 100.  You would have 200 people that would roll up to your list.  I have never seen a system like this before.  This is 200 more people that you can email about your offers.

Once the system is set up you only have one job to do and that is to send traffic.  It does not matter what you are promoting you need people (traffic).  This is one of the main areas where people say that they are struggling…getting people to their offers.  With List Leverage, you will be learning how to get traffic but how to build your email list effectively.

The fourth income stream is click cash.

With click cash, you do not even need to sell anything.  As you grow your list, list leverage will continue to follow up with the leads in the system.  If they click on any links in those emails you will get paid click cash.  It is nothing huge but as your list grows this can really add to your income.

click cash

UPDATE #1:  Millionaire Mastermind

List Leverage system was recently updated.  They have made some huge improvements to the program.  Now you can get lifetime access to their Millionaire Mastermind for just under $10.00.  They have included a ton of training.  Quite frankly, you can’t go wrong with the millionaire mastermind training.

millionaire mastermind overview
List Leverage Millionaire Mastermind Training Overview

You can see here that they have included Advanced training.  This training includes Facebook, Youtube, and email list building.

millionaire mastermind advanced
List Leverage Millionaire Mastermind Advance Training

There was an event in Atlanta and in the millionaire mastermind training they have included the videos from the event.

millionaire mastermind ATL
List Leverage Millionaire Mastermind ATL

UPDATE #2:  Broadcast Mentor

At the end of September 2020, List Leverage added a new product to the line-up.  This new training is called Broadcast Mentor.  This is another high ticket offer that you can promote as a List Leverage Member.  In order for someone to get access to this training they first need to be a member of List Leverage.  Anyone can join the List Leverage Mastermind for $9  (see above for all of the training included in the mastermind.)

Broadcast Mentor

If you are not interested in email marketing, as an online marketer you should be.  Your email list is your business asset.  With social media platforms, you do not own your list (audience).  Facebook can shut you down anytime they feel like it and you will lose all of your contacts.  Youtube can cancel your channel and then you don’t have any subscribers.  You own your email list.  If you have been diligent in building your email list then if your Facebook group is deleted you still have your email list that you can contact and continue to provide value.

Typically it is through your email list that profit is made.  Most people do not purchase the first time that they see an offer.  It is in the follow-up emails as they get to know like and trust you that a sale may be made.  Also, you can promote other offers to your list and create additional income.  It is so much easier to sell again to someone who has already purchased from you.

If you have an email list you need to learn how to communicate effectively with your audience.  In this training, Matthew Neer (7 figure earner and creator of List Leverage) takes you through his email process.  Broadcast Mentor training includes 26 video modules.  Matthew takes a brand new account and shows you over his shoulder step-by-step what he is doing to create income.  Nothing is hidden with this training.  He even shows you the days that things did not work.

The key to maintaining and growing your email list is to email your subscribers consistently – every day.

UPDATE #3:  The 10k Roadmap

There has been another massive update to the system.  This program keeps delivering and gets better and better all the time.  They now have a section called The 10k Roadmap.

If you are new to affiliate marketing one of the best things that you can do for your business is create/develop a DMO (daily method of operation).  With this training, Matthew teaches how to create and effect DMO as well as how to effectively follow up with your customers.  So many people give up because they do not know what they should be doing every day and they don’t know how to be effective.

Have you thought about what your customers’ journey is?  Do you know how to follow-up effectively?  If you have questions…don’t worry.  This training will teach you what you need to know to grow your business.

10K roadmap

I have been in affiliate marketing for a number of years and I am always learning new things and ways to be more effective with what I do.

This is not a free system if that is what you are looking for.

Just like anything worth doing it will take time and effort to build but the training that is provided by List Leverage will really help to decrease the time and frustration.  The set up easy so that you do not get bogged down with technical issues.  List Leverage has really hit it out of the ballpark with this program.

They are not sitting back either.  If you join List Leverage you will see that they are always working on improving the program and providing additional training.

In order to qualify for the three income streams, you need to pay for the three income streams.  If you opt in make sure that you watch the video all the way to the end because the system is explained very well in the video.  I made sure that I watched the video a couple of times to make sure that it was a good match for me.

I made a video review of the program which you can watch below.  Below the video, I have added a link to the opt-in page if this seems like a good match for you.

[thrive_megabutton mt=”List Leverage” st=”I Want In” color=”blue” link=”” target=”_blank” align=”aligncenter”]


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