How To Find And Market To Your Ideal Audience – 3 Principles

How To Find And Market To Your Ideal Audience (Avatar)

When I was new to marketing one of the areas that I have struggled with was how to find and market to my ideal audience. I had someone share some tips with me and that is what I will be sharing in this article. These tips really clarified things for me.

# 1 Key Principle Of Marketing:

One of the main key principles to keep in mind is that you are not trying to convince people. You are trying to locate people that are already interested and enjoy what you are selling. In other words, market to your ideal audience. Your ideal audience is already predisposed to buy what you are selling. Because you are more targeted in your marketing efforts it may cost you more money but the people that you reach will be much more likely to buy.  In the end, you end out making more sales.  So… instead of trying to market to everyone you are only marketing to the people that you think will be interested in what you have.

As I mentioned earlier I struggled in the beginning because I did not know how to go about finding my ideal audience.  It wasn’t until I read a book by Russell Brunson called DotCom Secrets that it really clarified what I needed to do.  Russell taught me the secret formula that only has four steps.  (Read pages 15 – 19)  If you want to learn the four steps and save yourself a lot of frustration then click below.

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#2 Marketing is like fishing.

Market to your ideal audience
Market to your ideal audience

Once you know your audience then it is all about using the right “bait”.

When I go fishing there are a number of ponds/lakes that I can fish in. Each lake may have different types of fish that like different kinds of bait. The same is true with marketing. There are a number of different ponds where people hang out. Some examples of some different ponds are: google (search/paid ads), social media, and solo ads just to name a few.

No matter what pond I am fishing in I will want to match my bait with the type of fish.  You don’t want to just throw any kind of bait out there. One way to match your bait to the fish is to research and study to find out what bait my fish is most attracted to. I am narrowing my search and becoming laser targeted on the fish that I want. This means that the fish that I want will be more likely to take the bait on something that they like. Less fish may be interested in my bait but the ones that are interested are more likely to bite.

Now let’s relate this to marketing.

If I am an affiliate marketer I may want to target people who have shown that they are interested in affiliate marketing.  These people may be following and/or purchasing from people like Robert Kiyosaki, Amy Porterfield, Anik Singal. A high percentage of these people will most likely need the least amount of persuasion.  In other words, they will take the least amount of time before they buy.  Because I have matched what they like with what I am selling they will be happier with the purchase.

I need to go to where my ideal audience is hanging out. It is very difficult to market to people who are just looking for free products even though they may have shown an interest in my market. If I am selling a higher-priced product then I will want to target people who have paid a higher price with other products.

The other option is to start with a lower-priced product to get people in the door (top of your sales funnel).  Then through your follow up emails they will get to know like and trust you.  This can be a relatively fast process depending on how good your sales and copywriting skills are.  Learn how to improve your sales skills here.  As these people move through your funnel you will be able to move them up the sales ladder to higher-priced products with greater value.  If you want to learn more about value ladders I wrote a post about it.  Go here to read the post:

#3 Things that you can do to narrow your market.

  1. Go to Google or YouTube and type in five things that you think your target market might be searching for. Here is one example of what I mean. Your avatar might type in: the best…(XYZ product)  or how to… XYZ)
  2. You do not want the people that are looking for: the cheapest…(XYZ product). If you target people who are looking for the cheapest and you are trying the sell a high ticket offer you will be presenting to the wrong crowd. Making sales will be very difficult.
  3. In closing keep in mind that you can have a great offer but if you are showing it to the wrong audience there will not be any sales. You can have a mediocre offer and present it to the ideal audience and make sales.

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