The Start of the Journey - Deborah Donaldson

The Start of the Journey

By Deborah | Master Key Experience 2016 - Present

road to self discovery

Here it is Tuesday already.  Time is really flying by.  I have realized that to dedicate myself to this worthy goal for 1 week of my life is such a small price to pay.

Well, I was nervous and excited about the first call.  I didn’t know what to expect.  First of all I did not think that I would be able to keep my attention on the webinar for that long, but the time flew by.

I feel like I am on the cusp of big changes.  I have started down the road to change and self-discovery.  I hope this journey turns out as well as everyone says it does but in the back of my mind there was the fear that maybe this will be just like every other course I have taken in the past.  I have to say that after this first webinar my fears have been put to rest. This is nothing like anything I have done before.  I can and will do this.  I take comfort in knowing that

I now hold the charts which will guide me through perilous waters to shores which only yesterday seemed but a dream.

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Jen Dilks October 14, 2016

Way to go Debbie! It’s clear from your Blog that you are excited to discover your authentic self! I love how your declared “I can and will do this.”

Caryn Elizabeth September 30, 2016

Great to see you have your blog post this first week! Keep up the good work! We’re here for you! (the Guides)

    Debbie Donaldson October 11, 2016

    Hi Caryn, Thank you for the words of encouragement. Sometimes I think my brain will explode with all the new information going in.

Carl LaFlamme September 30, 2016

HI Debbie, trust your feelings and all of your feelings are welcome here! –Carl

    Debbie Donaldson October 11, 2016

    Thank you Carl,
    Also thank you for your insight on my DMP.

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