Desire is love - Deborah Donaldson

So what is desire?

In studying Chapter 12, #17  Haanel states that:

Feeling is desire and desire is love.  Thought impregnated with love becomes invincible.

Charles Haanel

I had an “AHA” during my sit this morning, and it has to do with what my definition of Desire is.

The dictionary states that desire is 1. To wish or long for; covet; crave 2. To express a wish for: ask for; request.  I have love (desire, feelings) for my husband.  When I use or think about the word desire in relation to my DMP I noticed that I had a different feeling or thought about desire and it has been getting in my way.

What I noticed is that when I have been using the word desire in relation to my DMP it is because I want something that I feel that I currently don’t have.  I covet or crave what I feel like I don’t have.

I am thinking about it from a position of lack as opposed to a position of love and abundance.  I have statements of things/life that I want in my DMP.  They are there because I feel like I don’t currently have them, I am lacking.  I realize that I need to change this blueprint ASAP.  I did not even realize that within my mind I had two different definitions of desire, one of love and one of lack.

I am reminded to go back to visualizing that I am already in possession of what is in my DMP, so I am not lacking at all.  I am already in possession of everything in my DMP and subby is working 24/7 to make it happen/manifest.  Once I realized this, my feeling became much more positive and I felt a little bit of the clay fall away.


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Thomas December 20, 2016

What a wonderful insight Debbie! I can definitely recognize this dichotomy in myself and I now think only with love 🙂 Thanks for the insight.

CIndy December 19, 2016

Thank you for sharing this. You made me see that I am also coming from a place of lack and I need to change my mindset.

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