Have I given myself permission??

Ok, so I was on our mastermind call this week and at the very end the question was raised:  Have I given myself permission to accomplish my DMP, my dreams of the type of person I want to be?  WOW!!

067-300This mastermind call is turning out to be a great place for ideas for my blog.  I felt my mind go into overdrive.  Maybe this is a clue as to why I have not succeeded with my NWM business in the past.

I have taken classes, been to trainings, listened to the leaders in my company, read many, many books, watched webinars and the list goes on…  I can see now that if I have not given myself permission to be a success in my company then all of the training in the world would not make any difference because the information would hit the cement wall of my old blueprint and bounce off.

I read Mark J’s blog tonight:

It takes less energy to succeed than it does to fail.

Part of me is experiencing regret.  Where would I be if I had only given myself permission to succeed ages ago?  I began to read Chapter 8, #22.  [pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Charles Haanel”]All mistakes are but the mistakes of ignorance. [/pullquote]

I also related to the Law of Forgiveness.  I believe that this law does not only relate to forgiving others to clear the channel but to also to forgive yourself.  I find that I am very hard on myself.  How can I connect with the Divine and the subconscious if I am experiencing regret over decisions I made in ignorance?

My assignment to myself is to focus on the law of Forgiveness for the rest of the week and give myself permission to excel in every area.  I let my light shine as the Divine intended.



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  • Debbie, thanks for raising my awareness to this question! I know I have not permitted myself to succeed in the past because it would not fit with my old blueprint… now I am installing a new one, like you’re doing. Keep on hammering at that cement wall!!

  • I can so relate to your post! You are so right, we often don’t give ourselves permission to succeed and are harder on ourselves than on others. I will be joining you this week with the law of forgiveness and granting permission. Beautiful post, thank you!!!

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