7 Laws Of Influence — Crucial To Get Started On The Right Step

7 Laws Of Influence — Crucial To Get Started On The Right Step

7 Laws of Influence

I was watching a marketing education video last night and the presenter talked about the 7 laws of influence and how they can really affect your business. I learned a lot and thought that it would be valuable to share. The presenter covered mistakes that are made as well as how to conduct your business with the correct attitude and actions.

Law # 1: Champion Your Buyers

What this law means is that you have the buyer’s best interest at heart. You have the long game in mind, meaning that you are not there to sell them junk and disappear. The first question that people getting started in Affiliate Marketing ask is: How can I make money? This is the wrong question to start with. The most important question to ask yourself is: How can I be the most help to people? Your goal should be to make your customer the hero of the story, not you. One of the best books out there about this topic is: “Building A Story Brand” by Donald Miller

Law #2: Practice Empathy And Compassion

Of the 7 laws of influence, this law is the most often overlooked. In order to build trust with your customer, they need to know that you understand their deepest feelings. You must empathize and validate. Your empathy and validation need to be authentic.

If you are faking it your customer will be able to sense it. No sales are made without trust. If someone does purchase, and they do not trust the seller they are the most likely to feel like they were scammed or will not be happy with the product. These are the people who will ask for a refund. This kind of thing does not help anyone.

A lot of people struggle with Affiliate Marketing. One of the best things you can do is to let people know that it is not their fault. Maybe they just have not found the right mentor/guide or tools yet.

Law #3: Provide Steady Clarity

Most people appear to be calm cool and collected but underneath all of that, if you peel away the layers, internally they are anxious and freaking out. Underneath the calm, there is a lack of focus/clarity. This is what paralyzes most people. They have forgotten how to dream and they have lost hope. Life has beaten them down. One of the questions that you can ask is: What does your ideal day look like if everything goes right? This question will help them clarify what they want. If there is confusion there is no forward progression so one of the best things you can do for your customers is helping them dream and cut through their anxiety.

Law #4: Speak To Their Anger and Frustration

People are angry about products that didn’t work the way that they thought that they would. They are upset that the product did not live up to expectations. They are frustrated because even though they followed the directions and went through the modules as stated it didn’t work. All that time and effort “wasted”. When the presenter talked about this I could definitely relate. So he built trust with me because he stated how I was feeling. He spoke directly to my anger and frustration. I followed the directions, I did all the work, why isn’t it working??

Law #5: Sell Excellence Not Average (Be Legendary)

Start with a product that is top of the line (excellent). A product that has excellent mentorship and training. Even with a great product, people may not purchase because they do not know you and they are afraid to trust. One of the best ways to help people with their decision is to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if they hate the product. Address the fact that they do not know you and that you have never met, but relieve the pressure by offering a money-back guarantee. Show your buyers that you have confidence in the excellence of your product. You are here for the long haul and want to build an excellent brand.  Just keep in mind that refunds do happen, that is just part of sales.

Law #6: Compel People With Story

Another great book to read is “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek. (available on Amazon.com) He discusses the concept of the “Golden Circle”.

Most companies start with what they are selling. The example that was given in the webinar was: (All of the following companies are great — I am just using them to demonstrate the difference in the marketing strategy). HP and Dell might start with, we make great computers. They are fast and slim and a few more facts about what the product is. Apple, on the other hand, starts with why: We are creative people, it’s about who we are. Apple tells a story and it is the story that compels people to purchase. That is one of the reasons why they have such a cult-like following. The brain processes the story as if it is our own and we identify. It is the story that convinces us to purchase.

Law #7: Build Influence First Then Work On Selling

In order to be effective in sales, you will need to learn to build credibility and trust in order to influence. Your method of operations should be that you are the person that knows what you are talking about. One of the ways to do this is to share your journey, so you do not need to be at the top before you can start. In fact, people will identify with you better is they see that you started out just like them. They are able to relate to you and what you have gone through in order to get where you are. Share your journey and by doing so you will be saying: discover me and my process. If people feel that they know like and trust you, they are more likely to purchase from you.

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