Confessions Of A Persuasion Hitman Book Review 2022

I recently read the book “Confessions of a Persuasion Hitman” by Ian Stanley. This was an interesting read, and I learned a lot from it. In this book, Stanley discusses the art of persuasion and how to use it to achieve success in life. There were a couple of key concepts that stood out to me, and I want to share them with you in this blog post.

In this book, Ian discusses 13 lessons that he’s learned from selling over a hundred million in products and services. So he knows what he’s talking about. There were a couple of things that have been eye-opening to me in reading this book. I will cover three of them in this post.

confessions of a persuasion hitman

My First Aha

One of the most important things that Stanley discusses in his book – Confessions Of A Persuasion Hitman is the idea that time and money are not related. He points out that many people believe that you need to work more hours to make more money, but this is not always the case.

I work an eight to five job every day and both time and money are related in this case. I was like, what the heck, how can time and money not be related? This was eye-opening and I was fascinated by that concept.

A person can only work so many hours in a day. Continuing to work more hours is not sustainable. There are only so many hours in a day and you will not be able to keep working so many hours before you collapse. So

If you want to make more money, it’s important to find a way to do so that does not involve working more hours.

My Second Aha

The second concept that Stanley discusses in his book is the idea of short-term cash flow versus long-term recurring revenue. He points out that it’s important to have a mix of both to be successful.

If you can find and promote products that have recurring revenue, it can help you to achieve some stability in your affiliate income. Because the affiliate commission is recurring monthly you can have a dependable baseline income. There still may be some variation if you have more people join or if someone leaves.

If you have several offers that have recurring income, then it gives you a little more consistency to your affiliate income. It will help you plan more long-term in terms of what you’re doing and what to expect income-wise.

Even if it is a small amount of recurring income coming in each month, it can make a big difference. It can help you to cover your basic expenses and give you some peace of mind.

Many people choose to market software because they typically have monthly dues in order to keep you access to the program. As an affiliate marketer even a small amount monthly can build over time and make a big difference with you income.

Now if you didn’t have the recurring income as an affiliate marketer, depending on your skill level, maybe you’ll make a big sale or maybe it’ll just be ten dollars, then nothing… nothing… then fifty dollars… nothing… nothing, and so it goes up and down.

It is very difficult to make a living and support your family this way. To be successful, it is important to have a mix of short-term cash flow and long-term recurring revenue.

In my video I talk about a couple of programs that are free to get started that will help you to build your monthly recurring income.

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Start building your recurring montly income

My Third Aha

Give people what they need not what they want. As an individual, we oftentimes need someone in our lives who will tell us the truth – even if we don’t agree with their opinion.

Hearing the truth about where I was at in my marketing journey helped me to understand that it’s not easy, but hearing what you need to do next is. Work with the kind of people who will help you grow and are going, to be honest with how your business can improve and become successful again – which means they won’t give up on you when things get tough!

I surround myself with these types of people because if I don’t have them around me there would never be any progress made towards becoming better than before…

I got my book “Confessions Of A Persuasion Hitman” by Ian Stanley


I don’t want this review to give away all my thoughts on reading “The Confessions Of A Persuasion Hitman” but…

I think this book is a great read for anyone looking to improve their sales skills. It provides clear, actionable advice that can be applied in any sales situation. I highly recommend picking up a copy and giving it a read. Thanks for reading!

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