Jarvis Now Called Jasper.ai Review 2021- How To Create Content With Ease

Jarvis.ai - The "Easy Button" For Content Creation  (Jarvis is rebranding to Jasper)

Just to get rid of any confusion:  Jarvis.ai used to be called Conversion.ai but they have gone through some rebranding.  In this blog you may notice that I use Jarvis and conversion.ai interchangeably.

1-29-22  Jarvis is rebranding to Jasper.  Any articles written in the future I will be using the name Jasper.  It is the same program but with a new name.  

If you want to learn more about Jasper.ai and see if it is worth the money, then this review is for you! I am going to speak from a personal perspective on what I experienced with using jasper.ai, as well as share my thoughts on how effective it was in regards to copywriting.

I have also written an update review which you can access here:  https://dldonaldson.com/jasper-ai-review-2023/

What is copywriting?

"Copywriting is a skill that empowers the content creator to communicate their messages in a way that resonate with readers. Whether it be through catchy headlines or an emotive narrative, copywriters are able to make people feel something and act on what they read (Think sales, subscribers, conversions…)"

Many marketers are struggling to create content, and their efforts are wasted. They are drowing under the amount of material that is necessary in order to be effective with an online business.

drowning under content creation

This software was created because we want and need a solution that allows us to scale our marketing efforts without having to pay for expensive outsourcing. Sometimes the hardest part of writing is just getting started.

Writing is not easy for me and I just hate staring at a blank computer screen.  With this software I am able to generate and outline and some basic concepts that help to get started.  Then I can use some of the other templates to build out my content.   I am getting faster the more I use it.

I have used outsourcing for blog content and I have to tell you that it can get quite expensive especially if you are trying to post consistently and you want quality articles.  You definitely get what you pay for.

With Conversion.ai, you can get high-quality content in seconds by simply clicking on the “Generate Content” button in your dashboard. Jarvis (conversion.ai) will then generate an article based on what it has learned about your company and industry over time from analyzing thousands of articles like yours.

You can edit the generated text or use it as is!  You can even set the tone of voice that you want to use with your content.  Do you want to be funny, helpful, or sincere?

1. Find your content type

You can find your content type by clicking on the Settings tab and choosing Content.  There are so many templates to choose from.  I counted 35+ templates.

If you are new to blogging and feel a little overwhelmed you can ready my blogging for beginners article.

No matter what type of business you have you will need content especially if you are trying to be "omni present" or become an influencer. 

Conversion.io has templates for ads, social media posting, emails, blogging and YouTube scripts.  It will even help you come up with topic ideas or catchy headlines.

conversion.ai dashboard

 2. Choose a topic for your article 

Think about what people want to read. A good topic might be how to do something or a product review.

Perhaps your content is a blog, or maybe it's an FAQ. Perhaps some of the posts are educational in nature, while others are more whimsical and fun. 

3. Select the right template to use for your article 

There are two kinds of templates: the ones designed to help you get started, and those for when you're ready to publish.

The templates are designed to help you get started and are great for when your content is in draft form.

They're also useful if the topic of this article isn't clear yet, and it's still being figured out what kind of post will work best on your blog: a howto guide? A product review or comparison article.


conversion.ai testimonial1
conversion.ai testimonial2

By writing an engaging headline you will get people's attention and make them want to read more of your post.

• Helps you craft a compelling headline that will compel readers to click

• Generates creative, catchy headlines and subheadlines for content 

• Comes up with engaging topics of interest 

• Supports you in creating traction for your content 

What are the benefits?

- Creates an alluring and appealing title for posts about any topic or type - no matter how obscure. 

- Powerful outline prompts to establish what the post is about right from the start so it gives off a logical flow. 

- Comprehensive list of common topics to help generate ideas on what should be posted next.


My experience with Jarvis (conversion.ai) so far...

I just started using conversion.ai (Jarvis) at the beginning of April.  Because this software just launched they are still working on pricing structure and there are still a few bugs in how the software works. 

What I have found so far is that it is super helpful with coming up with posts for social media.  This has always been a sticking point for me and one of the reasons why I have not been too consistent.  

The other area that it has really helped me out is in my email follow ups.  After I finish with my product promotion and I move people to my broadcast list...what do I write about?

How expensive is it?

I have to say that expense is a relative term.  You have a blog and have decided that you want to write your own articles as well as have some outsourced.  So you decide to outsource 2 articles/month at $50/1000 word article.  So that is $100/mo just in outsourcing fees.  This totally covers my monthly fees for conversion.ai.

Now,  I was lucky enough to get in on the pro unlimited membership which means that I can create as much content as I want and I was also able to get access to the long form content creator for $99/mo.  Like I mentioned, since this is a new software they only opened this up to a limited number of people.

I am very sure that it will be coming back, I am just not sure at what price.   So far I have seen a huge demand for this product.  Check out the pricing page for any updates.

Is there a learning curve?

There is definitely a learning curve involved.  For me it is taking some practice learning how to ask the questions in the right way to get the output that I am looking for.  Now... one of the nice things is that you can set the number of different outputs that you get.  I have found that 3 outputs gives me a good variety to choose from.

conversion.ai output

I am then able to just copy and paste this content over to my platform that I am using.  

Jarvis will not replace an expert, but it will get you most of the way there. To be totally honest an "expert" would be too expensive for me right now anyway.  If you use a VA or copywriter then theyshould be able to use the output that Jarvis creates to edit and finish your content.

If you want more information and want to check out the Facebook group you can do that here.  This is a very active group.

If you sign up using MY LINK, I'll personally add 10,000 free word credits to your account. 

 What could you get done with 30,000 high quality words in marketing copy or content for your business this month?

UPDATE:  Now over 50 templates and BOSS MODE Activated


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