Payhip Review – How To Integrate Thrive Themes And Stripe – No Tech Solution

In this Payhip review I will be showing you how you can integrate Thrive Themes and Stripe without using Zapier.  This is a very easy, low tech solution to being able to handle payments on your website and sell your products and services online.

Get started with building your online store in less than 5 minutes!

What is the software that I use?

I was recently introduced to a payment processor software that integrates with Paypal, Stripe and Thrive Themes with no need to do a Zapier integration.

Don't get me wrong.  I LOVE Thrive Themes.  Thrive does integrate with other 3rd party payment processors. 

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I tried to set up Zapier but the set up was a little more complicated than what I had thought it would be.  I have had people show me Zapier and they make it look easy when they are using it but when I have tried to do it myself there seems to be glitches.  

I don't consider myself to be a very tech savvy person so it was a pleasant surprise that I was able to do a basic set up in minutes.

The software company that I am referring to is called Payhip.


I have included a video that is a walk through on how to integrate thrive with payhip.  I wanted to show how easy it was to do.  I am just using the free plan in my video.

Video Walkthrough On How To Integrate Payhip With Thrive

Common questions regarding Payhip

1:  How long has Payhip been in business?

Payhip is an all in one e-commerce solution that is based in London.  It is self-funded and started back in 2011.  Their goal is to help 1000 creators reach 1,000,000 in sales.  

They support all file formats so you can use this service to sell memberships, subscriptions or eBooks, audio files, and text files.

2:  How do your customers pay for your produces/services?

Payhip currently supports both Stripe and Paypal.  One of my issues with Thrive was that I was not able to take payments directly on my website.  With this payhip integration I was able to just put a button on my sales page and my customer could pick either paypal or stripe as their payment method.  

It was really slick and I did not have to code anything!!

Payhip is also very secure because they do not store any credit card information.  All transactions are handled through Stripe and Paypal.

3:  How Much Does It Cost To Use Payhip

Payhip has a number of different plans.  This is a tool that can grow with you as your business grows.  You can start with a FREE plan - no credit card required.  

As your business grows and you upgrade to a paid plan your fees will go down.  So with a free plan you pay a 5% transaction fee.  On their PRO plan there is no transaction fee.

Also as an affiliate for Payhip you will be able to earn a little side income.  If you are new to affiliate marketing and want to know more about how this works, I do have a free course available.  This course will walk you through how to get started quickly.

payhip pricing

This is a great way to get started with your online business.  You can use this payment processor to do both membership and subscription plans.

This method is perfect for anyone who wants to start their own blog, or e-commerce store.  I really like that they have a free option.  This is great for people who are just getting started.  Yes you do pay a fee but if it helps you to make more sales it is definitely worth it.

Payhip also has a great blog if you want additional information.

4:  So...Is There A Downside To Using Payhip?

There are processing fees with both Paypal and Stripe.  Payhip is no different.  So...if you use the Payhip free plan to process your payments you will be paying double fees.  You will pay both a fee to Paypal/Stripe as well as Payhip.

what is payhip



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