One Funnel Away Challenge Week One – My 4 Main Take Aways

🔥  I started the One Funnel Away Challenge on June 17th, Whoohoo!!!   🔥

One Funnel Away Challenge
One Funnel Away Challenge

The one funnel away challenge started out with a bang.

Have you ever felt like you got your money’s worth before the training has even started?    I have already gotten my money’s worth with this program and we haven’t even gotten into the full training yet.  This week was pretraining.

One Funnel Away Questions
One Funnel Away Questions

Stay tuned because I plan on posting my takeaways as I got thru the program.  I feel like I have learned so much already.  I  have had a number of “AHA” moments just in how I think about my business.  I have been caught thinking about the how and not the who.  This really has gotten me stuck in procrastination.

I was getting bogged down thinking how am I going to figure all of this out?  How am I going to learn copywriting, autoresponders, landing pages/capture pages, funnel building etc…  I look at others that started their marketing businesses about the same time that I did and they have surpassed me.  What did they do differently?  How were they able to grow so quickly?

The people I have been watching have all gone thru this challenge.  Initially, I was thinking that it was all talk and people were just pumping up the program in order to make sales.  If you are thinking this way…Don’t!

I have had four main takeaways this first pre-training week.

This first week is mindset and building belief.  Every week of this challenge, you get an overview from Russell Brunson the owner/developer of ClickFunnels in the morning.  Then later in the day, there is specific training from Steven Larsen.  Steven is the accountability coach.  He will hold your feet to the fire and take no excuses.  He is very inspiring to listen to.  Then Julie Stoan will take you thru how to actually set up the funnel the way that Russell talks about.  You get training from three very successful entrepreneurs who are 2 comma club earners over the course of 30 days for only $100.

A lot of people would be charging two grand for this kind of training and mentorship.  If you decide to do this training then you will need to dedicate time every day to do the exercises.  This is not something that you can do just on the weekend and try and get caught up.  Let the people in your life know that you will be busy with this over the next 30 days.  If you do the exercises and take action this program has the potential to change your life.

I have already learned so much and we haven’t even really gotten into the full training yet.

I wanted to give you an overview of the four top things I have learned so far.

One:   Failure teaches us a lot.  Russell used the example of comediennes developing their comedy routines.  The good comediennes have developed their successful routines from failure.  They might write 10-15 jokes and go perform them.  Maybe 3-4 jokes are good and get a laugh.  Well, they go back to the drawing board and scrap the jokes that didn’t work and write 10-15 more jokes and add in the ones that were good.

Now with this new set, they may get another 3-4 joke that works well.  So now they have 6-8 jokes that are good.  They go back and scrap the ones that weren’t funny and write some more.  Over time they build a great routine.  they have tested every step.  Sometimes it takes failure to teach us what works.


Two:  Focus on the WHO, not the HOW.  I do not know anyone that is good at everything.  No matter what type of business you are in there are tasks that you may not know how to do or may not be good at.  If you focus on how you will learn to do these task you will spend so much time trying to figure everything out that you will fall into procrastination and your business will fail.  Most successful entrepreneurs have a team of people who are good at the things that they are not good at.  This speeds the success process up and success is more likely to happen.

So, you need to figure out who you can add to your team to do the things that you don’t know how to do.  Some people have said, “but I don’t have the money to hire someone.”  So for example, say it will take you 100 hours to learn the basics of copywriting and you are normally paid $100/hour.  It is going to cost you $10,000 in time to learn to do this yourself.  Who can you hire that will get this done for you cheaper and better than you?  Then you will be able to focus on the areas of your strengths and grow your business faster.


Three:  In this one funnel away challenge I learned that I am the best salesperson for my own product.  If you are selling your own product then you are the person who is the most knowledgeable about it and the most passionate about it that you are able to answer the following for questions with sincerity and enthusiasm.  This is why I always recommend that you promote either your own product or one that you are currently using and that you like.  But, “I don’t know what to say in my sales video.”  The video does not have to be fancy or long but it does need to answer the following four questions.

Who Am I?

What do I have?  What is my offer?

Why do they need it?

How can they get it?

Answer these questions and you are golden.

Four:  It does not matter what you are selling but how you are selling.  Selling one to one is different than selling one to many.   Selling one to one can be very slow and exponential growth is difficult unless you are an exceptional networker.  Do you want to 10X your income?  Russell Brunson did a presentation to 9,000 people at the Grant Cardone 10X Growth Conference.  Here is the video if you want to study the master at presenting to many.  The video is about 1.5 hours long but the main information that I want to share is in the first hour.

If you want to 10X your income then you need a funnel so that you can “talk” to many 24hours/day,  7 days per week.   When you are selling one to many, answer the question:  What is my story that covers the majority of the people? Create your presentation so that it answers the questions of the majority of people that you are trying to reach.  Products do not just sell themselves – they need a script.  The funnel is how this message is delivered.  So now you have offers and you have messages.

In order to do this effectively, it is best if you know your avatar.  Who is your ideal customer?  What problems do they face?  How will your product/idea/coaching help them to get what they want?  How do you build a following?  This topic is covered in great detail in Russell Brunson’s Book:  Expert Secrets.   This link is a review article that I think you will find very helpful.

When you sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge with the link below The challenge will include the following bonuses.

One Funnel Away Bonus Overview
One Funnel Away Bonus Overview

Quite frankly all of these bonuses and all of this value for only $100.  I couldn’t pass it up.  I received way more than my $100.

If you want to read more about my journey on the One Funnel Away Challenge:  Here is week Two.

If you are interested in finding out more about the One Funnel Away Challenge then click the link below.  Once you join send me an email with the email that you used to join the challenge.  Once I confirm then I will send you the link to the training and the 10 funnel templates.

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