One Funnel Away Challenge Week Two – 3 Questions Answered

One Funnel Away Challenge Week Two:  Hook —> Story —> Offer

This week is about the hook, story, and offer.  This One Funnel Away Challenge is mind-blowing, challenging and exciting. Man oh man, I feel like my brain is going to explode.  I feel like I am learning so much that I am concerned about retention.  Week two was about offer creation.  I thought we were going to go to the “hook” first.  From what I am learning it is better to start with your offer and work backward.

What is offer hacking?

Offer hacking is similar to funnel hacking.  This involves looking at ads and opting in and seeing what the offer is and what is working or not working.  Does the progression make sense?  Did the ad catch your eye?  What did the ad copy say that made you want to check the ad out?  I am learning that I need to be more analytical when I look at ads on Facebook so that I can learn.  I don’t want to copy the ads but I want to model my ad after what is successful.  the offer and the ad need to be very clear in the message.  In the training, they say “a confused mind always says NO.”

What is the difference between cost, price and value?

Cost is the price that it costs you to create or provide the training, product or service.  Price is what I am going to charge my customer.  Value is what my customer is going to get.  Price and value are not the same things.  This concept blew my mind!  The other one is that my perception of price is not the same as my customer’s perception of value.  If you increase the value that you provide surrounding the offer… the object gets cheaper.

Many marketers fail because they are in a race to make what they are selling cheaper.  So it is a race to the bottom or a race to going out of business.  You can make yourself stand out from others promoting the same product by increasing the value that you provide with the offer, product.  When you solve a problem you are also creating a problem and this is an opportunity.

What is offer sequencing?

As you analyze your product try to figure out what makes sense to offer with it.  What other value can you provide that will answer questions that may come up for the customer or what other products can you provide that go hand in hand with your offer.  Make the list.  Just brainstorm ideas.  The more things that you can offer or provide the better.  When you start building your offer you will want to start with the sexiest item first.  This is what is going to capture your customers.

Keep in mind that many times customers will spend more on a product that is just packaged in a different way.  Take a free PDF for example.  What if your customer doesn’t like to read.  Or the hard drive on their computer is already loaded with free PDFs that they have never gotten around to reading.  What if you offered your free PDF in an audio version as well?  What if you did an outline with video training?  You can use the same content in many different ways… just repurpose it.

Ideas for product creation.

For the written word:  There are writing books, outlines, you can hire a ghostwriter, or purchase PLR products.

For physical products:  You can offer books, journals, pens, some sort of swag with logos.

For audio or video:  You can create and offer access to your private Facebook group, Skype meeting, interviews, audio files, podcasts etc..

The main thing I need to learn is who is my dream customer and how can I make myself stand out from everyone else selling the same product.  I need to make my offers better by providing more value.  I also need to learn that I do not need to create everything myself. If I try to do it all myself it will slow the process down so much that my chance of success diminishes as more time goes by.


Once I have developed my sales message then I create my offer then I work on traffic.  I have been making the mistake of having offers and then just sending traffic with no thought to my sales message.

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