3 Mistakes I Have Made With My Online Business

3 Big Mistakes I have made with my online business and how the Partner With Anthony (PWA) program has helped me to succeed.

The following 3 mistakes are being made by a lot of people who are trying to build their online business or work from home.  I have also made all three of these mistakes at one time or another.  It is so easy to get excited when you firsts hear about a new program but then sometimes life just gets in the way.

Mistake #1:  Never Log Into the Program

I heard a statistic the other day that only 53% of the people who purchase a product actually log in. This is a huge percentage of people that never actually see the product. To be honest, this has happened to me a number of times.  This can be caused by something called “the shiny object syndrome”.  This syndrome describes people who jump from product to product and keep thinking that the pot gold will be on the next product and the next product…  We actually think that maybe this next product is going to be the one that actually makes a difference in our business. By the time we go thru the sales process there may be a different product that catches the eye and off we go buying again. The sales letters are good and they feed into our desire to be successful and the fear of missing out (FOMO) is one of the biggest motivators to buy. Quite frankly it is difficult to be successful with a program if you never actually log in.  No program will help you succeed if you never work your way thru it.


Mistake #2: Don’t Have The Right Mindset/Lack of Focus

My next mistake is that I either lose interest or for whatever reason, I stop going thru the modules about half way thru. I am not sure if this is because I come up against a lesson that I feel is too challenging for me or I don’t know enough about it to take action. I might even be afraid of taking action. What if it works then I will be really busy. How will I manage family, work, my own business if it actually takes off? I know, I know this sounds crazy but it’s true. The fear of success is very real.  I end out telling myself it won’t work and giving up. The end result of that is that I don’t finish the program and I am off looking at the next program product with high hopes.  We have all heard the having the correct mindset is 90% of success

This also ties into a lack of focus.  If you are trying to grow your business doing 5 -10 different things no one project gets your full focus.  If you look at trying to get people to see your offer and you are trying to promote 5 offers.  Let’s say that you purchase solo ads and send 100 people to each of your 5 offers, that may not be enough to get a sale.  But… if you sent those 500 people to one offer maybe you would have made a couple of sales.

This is where the Partner With Anthony (PWA) program has made a big difference for me.  Anthony has done a number of modules on mindset as well as the importance of focus.  Also, each module can only be unlocked 24 hours after you have completed the previous module.  This may irritate some people but I really appreciate the fact that I am not able to bounce around and do modules in whatever order I want.  Success is not only taking action but doing the steps in the correct order.  If you are not focused you may watch the modules out of order and jump around from task to task with no thought to how it may affect the growth of your business.  You need to build a solid foundation for your business and know why you are doing things the way that you do.


Mistake #3: Giving Up Too Quickly

Another mistake I have made is to give up too soon if I don’t see sufficient results.  My first instinct is that the product is no good and I run to try a different product to promote. Again this feeds into the shiny object syndrome that I mentioned above. It was only thru tracking and looking at my numbers that I realized what was going on.  This is a business and I need to treat it as such.  I need to understand the numbers so that I know what promotion is profitable.  It was only thru a conversation with one of my mentors that I realized that I really was not sending enough people to my offer to create a sale.  So I purchased another round of solo ads.  Do you know what happened?  I made a couple of sales!!

In the PWA program, there are a number of modules that relate to tracking your results and how to understand the results that you get.  Anthony’s training is very detailed but he does not talk over your head.  He explains the numbers and what you should expect in a very understandable fashion.  After going thru these training videos I understand more of what I should be doing to create success.  Again this ties back to focus.  I now know what I should be doing to successfully grow my business.

My WIN is that I have already made 4 sales.  Now, this number may not blow your socks off but it is a success and I have learned to celebrate every success that happens.

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