5 Great Reasons To Use Thrive Themes As Your Capture Page Builder

5 Reasons To Use Thrive Themes As Your Capture Page Builder

There are a number of reasons to use Thrive Themes as your capture page builder but I have decided to discuss my top 5.  Thrive Themes is a WordPress page builder.  As a blogger and affiliate marketer, I love Thrive because of the beautiful themes and templates.  There are so many features that come with Thrive that I had a hard time keeping my list to five.

In case you would rather watch a video over reading…I made a video of my top 5 reasons to use Thrive Themes:

Number One:   Thrive Themes is significantly less expensive than Clickfunnels.

The standard/basic membership with Clickfunnels is $97/month.  This turns out to be $1,164/yr.  If you upgrade in order to get an unlimited number of pages and funnels it is $297/month.  You do the math.  If you are just starting out as a marketer or blogger coming up with $97/month can be a big challenge.

Thrive Themes is $19/month if you pay annually so $228/year.


Number Two:  Thrive Themes has very easy to use drag and drop features using Thrive Architect.

With Thrive Architect you can add pictures, save templates, add buttons and elements.  Initially, I was a little intimidated but once I started using architect I realized how easy it was. You can also view your pages instantly and see what your page would look like on different screen sizes, tablet, mobile, and desktop.  As more and more people spend time on their mobile devices it is critical for your capture page to look good on the smaller screen of a mobile phone.  As you make changes in Architect you can see the results of your changes instantly and make sure that it looks the way that you want.  The drag and drop features are similar to ClickFunnels so if you use Clickfunnels the layout in Thrive will be very easy for you to learn and use.

Number Three:  Thrive Themes has tons of templates.

Thrive has 220 fill-in funnels and templates already created and built out for you to just modify with your information.  This is always being updated.  If you have a podcast, thrive has funnel templates for that.  If you have a video training series, Thrive has templates for that.  If you use webinars in your marketing Thrive has templates for that.  The list goes on…

Number Four:  There is no limit on the number of pages that you can have.

With the $97/month ClickFunnels membership you only get 20 funnels and 100 pages. If you upgrade your membership to the $297/month (Backback) then you get an unlimited number of landing pages and funnels.  When I first started with clickfunnels I thought that there would be no way that I would use up that many pages or funnels.  Once you start marketing and building funnels with multiple pages and split testing, those pages and funnels get used up very quickly.  I had initially looked into hosting my blog in ClickFunnels but that would have used up my pages really quickly.  If you are a blogger then I really recommend Thrive Themes.

With Thrive Themes you are not limited on the number of funnels and landing pages you can have.

Number Five:  Thrive integrates easily with your autoresponders.


It does not matter what type of business you are in.  If you are marketing you need a way to follow up with your customers and provide value, build a relationship.  One way to do that is thru email marketing.  So you have got your prospects attention with your landing page and funnel.  They have given you their email address.  Now that email address needs to go to your autoresponder.  With Thrive it is easy to integrate your autoresponder with your capture page.  The image above shows the autoresponders that you can easily integrate with Thrive Themes.

I have more information on Thrive Themes on my Resourses page: https://dldonaldson.com/resources/

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