Traffic – One Funnel Away Challenge Week Five – 3 Types Of Traffic

Traffic:  How To Get Customers To Your Offers Using The Dream 100 Concept

Traffic to your offers was the focus of the last week of the challenge.  If you have kept up with the Challenge you have your funnel set up and all of the links applied properly.  You have an autoresponder connected to your funnel so that you can collect email addresses in order to follow up with your leads.  You have hook-story-offer on every page of your funnel.  Have you created your assets or had them created for you.  Did you figure out your WHO?

There are 3 types of traffic/customers.

One:  There is free traffic.

This usually takes a lot longer and you are spending your time getting the people to your funnel.  Use this method if money is really tight and you have more time available for you.  You are putting out tons of value (hooks in the water) thru your blog posts, YouTube channel, social media posts or podcasts.  My recommendation is to start with one method and master it.  With this method, you will need to be consistently putting out value every single day.  It is much slower to grow your list this way but because you have created a relationship with your viewer you become an influencer and the quality of customer is much better.  they are more likely to buy because they know and like you.

Two:  There is traffic you earn.

Russell Brunson uses the concept called The Dream 100 in his marketing.  Basically, you are creating a Dream List of people.  These people are the influencers in your niche.

Steps To Take:

  • Create a list of the influences in your niche
  • Subscribe to all of their stuff
  • Join their groups and any free groups in the same niche and be an active member (not a FaceBook Stalker 😃)
  • Leave comments and reviews or feedback on their products and services.
  • Buy something of theirs that will get you into their “inner circle”
  • Pay attention to how they are running their ads.  What creatives are they using?  What do their ads look like?
  • Now, you need to figure out a way to earn your way into their audience

Find something in common and that resonates with you.  Create a spin-off of that and come up with something that you are great at.  For example, you could create a custom hook.  When you are doing this keep in mind “what’s in it for them?”  Send your pitch to them with a small token.  You need to get the attention of the influencer.  Once you gain their attention you can get a lot of traffic quickly but there is a lot of initial groundwork.

Three:  Traffic you buy

This category includes paid ads and solo ads.  This is another area where it can save you a lot of time if you find the who to set up and run your ads.  I don’t know about you but I have tried running Facebook ads a couple of times and it is so confusing.  They change the algorithms all the time and it is easy to spend a lot of money quickly with zero results.  I have also tried google ads but after getting ads disapproved because I capitalized the word free is crazy.

I have had the best results with solo ads.  What I like about them is that they are fast.  You can get a lot of views to your page quickly and know if it is a winner or not.  As with any industry, there are some people that are not very reputable in the solo ad space so you will need to do your research.  I am including a link to a solo ad buying guide here.

Next Steps

Many people fail in their online business because they are trying to do everything themselves.  It is very easy to get discouraged and lose momentum.  Pick your campaign strategy.  Do you have more time than money?  If this is true for you then I would start with the free methods and just know that it will take time to build your following.  Maybe you want to earn your traffic.  This can get you a lot of viewers fast but you don’t know how soon you may catch the attention of the influencer.

If you are choosing paid ads, facebook, google, bing etc..  Spend some time and create your ad copy and creatives.  If you are having trouble with this remember the who.  There are places you can go to hire someone to do this for you.  I recommend Fiverr.

If you want to do this yourself then collect your creatives and set up your ads.  If you want more in-depth training on traffic I recommend the One Funnel Away Challenge.  Click here to get your questions answered.


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