How To Go Viral On Quora Easy Method

Easy Method To Go Viral On Quora.

Okay, I've talked about Quora before and how it can be a great way to get traffic for your blog or website. Today we're going to show you exactly how that works!

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The Tools I Use To Go Viral On Quora Quickly

There are two tools that I use in order to go viral on Quora quickly and easily.

#1: Jasper

The  first tool that I use is called Jasper. Jasper was previously called Jarvis. Disney requested that they change the name so in order to continue smoothly they changed the name to Jasper.

This tool can also be used to create blog posts.  Read this article here if you are interested in monetizing your blog.

Jasper recently added a template called Quora Answers.  What this means is that you can put in the Quora questions that you are answering into the template and Jasper will produce answers.  

The number of answers just depends on how many "ouputs" you decide that you want.  

There are over 50+ templates that you can use to create content.  You can also pick tone of voice.  The options are endless.

Jasper FREE TRIAL - Get an extra 10,000 Jasper credits with this trial.

answer Quora questions

This is a great way to save time answering your quora questions.  This is so easy to use that it will really help you to go viral on Quora.

To answer questions effectively, just make sure that you put in an image with bright colors or something custom-made for the topic of what your answer is about! This will catch people's attention more than anything else so they can read through all of your information without getting bored.

Quora does seem to restrict the reach of articles if there are too many links. I've noticed that my answer does really well when I provide a good complete answer with just and image or two.  

You are allowed to link out to YouTube and your blog if you want to provide additional information but you need to provide value first. Your link to your YouTube video and your blog article can not be all there is to your answer.

People  are  very busy so when they are scrolling through the Quora answers you need to make your answer stand out. There has to be something eye catching to stop the scroll.  

This is where the second tool comes in.

The Second Tool Is Called Canva

Make your answers stand out with Canva

Canva has both Free and Paid options.  You can do just about everything with the free account.  The paid account does give you access to many more templates and designs.

If money is tight I would recommend starting with the free account and then upgrading once you are ready


#1 Create your Canva account

#2 Search the templates for blog banner.  This template size works really well with Quora answers.

#3 Pick bright colors and design your image.


blog for profit

Caution On Adding Affiliate Links

Quora really wants to maintain a high quality to their platform.  They do not want their members to feel like they are being spammed.  


If you have a new account do not add in any affiliate links for the first 2-3 weeks. Answer questions and provide tons of value.  Do this and Quora will realize that your content is valuable.

When you write your profile description you can add in your affiliate links.  This is how people will find you and decide if they want to follow you and want to see what you are promoting.

Once your account has "aged" then you can add a link in your content but make sure that you are providing tons of value.  

When you look at your stats you may notice that your answer with the links does not have quite as much reach as your answers with no link.

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