How To Create YouTube Shorts With Jasper And Free Video Software

Creating attention-grabbing YouTube Shorts doesn't need to be a daunting task! In this blog post I will walk you through how to make them fast & easy using and free video software.  You don't even need to show your face.

Remember, these vertical videos are great for boosting your channel's visibility as they get special distribution on the platform - and remember there's just 59 seconds or less in each one!

What Are YouTube Shorts?

Most of the content on YouTube is long form video meaning that the videos are typically longer.  The videos are also vertical in their format.  YouTube shorts is YouTube's way to compete with other short form video platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook Reels.  YouTube shorts need to be 60 seconds or less. 

One of the issues that people have is that they are uncomfortable showing their face and talking on video.  In this blog I will be showing you a method that you can use to create shorts.  

What is

Jasper is an artificail intellegence software that helps you to create content that you can use in your videos.  Writing a great script for your video has never been easier!  With the help of, you can supercharge your copywriting.  With its innovative Copywriting Tool, you can write a script for your videos without breaking a sweat. And best of all, you can get started on a free trial - it's that simple!

How to create youtube shorts with Jasper

Jasper and Quora For Content Ideas

Another area where people struggle is coming up with content for their videos.  In the following video I show you how to use another free platform, Quora and Jasper to create the content for your youtube shorts.

Typically your content would need to be about 75-100 words in order to keep the youtube shorts video under 1 minute.  You are able to edit your content once you upload it so that you can manage the time of your video.

Free Video Software - 2 Choices

The next thing I use is free video software. The two that I have found that are super easy to use are InVideo and Lumen5.  

Both of these software have paid versions that will allow you to customize your videos even more.  In the free versions you are not able to change the branding.  If you are just getting started this is not an issue.

If you have the paid version you will be able to upload your own brand colors and the software will change the colors across the whole project.  You would click on change project colors and apply.  You can choose to apply the colors to that scene or across the entire video.

Both software are browser based which means that you do not need to download them to your computer.  You would just export the finished videos.  

#1 - InVideo

InVideo Pricing

#2 - Lumen5

lumen5 pricing

Steps To Create Your Video

Step One:  

Pick your template and then you pick the format.  9:16 is the vertical format needed for YouTube shorts.  This same format can also be used for TikTok videos.

Step Two:  

Paste your script or article into the box and click the button that says "convert to video".

Step Three:  

Last thing you need to do is edit and download your video.  On both platforms you are able to upload images, video and music.  On the free versions there is a time limitation as well as some restriction on templates.  This is only reasonable since you are using the software for free.  

Both Lumen5 and InVideo are very easy to use although they are slightly different.  I have linked to pricing pageg of both software so that you can try them out and decide which one you like better.  Just click the image and it will take you directly to the pricing page.

Step Four:

The last step is to upload the video to your YouTube channel and then it has to have #shorts in the name so that YouTube knows that it is a short form video and can display it properly.

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