Organic Marketing Easy Method For Facebook

What is Organic Marketing?

Organic marketing is a strategy that generates traffic to your business over time rather than using paid methods. This includes blog posts, case studies, guest posts, unpaid tweets, and Facebook updates. Organic marketing uses SEO, social media, and a variety of other channels to increase brand awareness.

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In this age of social media, we are constantly looking for ways to connect with others and build our networks. Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platforms, with over 2 billion active users. One way to expand your network on Facebook is by sending out friend requests to people you know.

However, manually sending out friend requests can be time-consuming. Fortunately, there is a tool that can automate the process. ELMessenger Pro allows you to quickly and easily send out friend requests to multiple people at once. In addition, it can also help you keep track of who has accepted your request and who has not. As a result, messenger can be a valuable tool for anyone looking to grow their Facebook network.

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What Is Facebook Organic Reach

What Is Facebook Organic Reach? Facebook organic reach is a measure of the number of people who see your content on the social platform when you don’t pay to boost that content. On the other hand, advertising and boosted posts on Facebook involve marketers paying the platform to make these promotions visible.

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Your ability to have organic reach or go viral on social media can have a huge impact on your marketing and your success or failure as a marketer.

organic marketing
Organic Marketing

What Does ELMessenger Pro Chrome Extension Do?

What this tool allows you to do is…

It allows you to tag your messenger contacts. So it works completely in messenger.

You can connect with friends.

If you are promoting a specific offer, you can tag the people that are interested in that specific offer so that you can follow the conversation.

You can add responses or automated responses directly in there. So this can run in the background and save you a lot of time in your facebook messenger.

ELMessenger Tags

With messenger, once you make a number of conversations, they drop down further down and you just don’t see them anymore. So the problem is, that it is so easy to lose track of conversations. You might have been talking to someone who was very close to purchasing your affiliate offer or being interested in your coaching or signing up for your webinar. Because their conversation dropped down in messenger, you didn’t see them anymore. It is so easy to lose track.

You also may not remember where they were in the pipeline or in the sales process. And so you might end up repeating yourself or, maybe they’re not interested. If they are not interested you don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to connect.

So the cool thing with this tool is that you can create tags for your contacts in Messenger. And you can color code them. You can have them related directly to your affiliate offer that you’re promoting or to the webinar or something so that you can see right off the bat who’s related to what offer and where they are in the process. This chrome extension will really help you to automate everything in your messenger and will help you to grow your contact list that much faster.

ELMessenger Pro

You can get a hold of this tool completely for free. No credit card required.

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If you are just starting out do not set your friend requests to a high number. Start small and gradually increase it. If Facebook sees a big spike in your activitiy your account may get flagged. So if you normally only accept a couple of friend requests per day and then do 150 all of a sudden your account will be shut down for a while.

Another tip is to increase the interval between messages so that it appears to be more natural.

There is a well organized list of tutorials so it is very easy to set up and get going.

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