Hook-Story-Offer – One Funnel Away Challenge Week Four

Hook-Story-Offer, How One Funnel Away Challenge Changed The Way That I Think.

Hook-Story-Offer on every page of the funnel is very important and is a new concept for me.  I knew it needed to be on the bridge page but I had not considered putting it on all of the pages.  This challenge is teaching me how to use hook-story-offer on my funnel pages by giving me a template to follow as well as laying out a way to think.  Before doing the challenge I consistently started with the hook part of my funnel before moving on to the story and the offer.  I had a vague idea as to what my offer was but it was not specific. Because I was trying to sell to everyone instead of concentrating on my ideal client, I was not very successful.  My main focus was on who “could” buy, not my dream customer.

I spent so much time on my headline and trying to come up with my capture (squeeze) page.  I struggled a lot because I was not sure what my specific offer was going to be so how could I come up with a good headline for my potential customers?  Do you struggle with this as well?  To read more about hook-story-offer check out my blog post from week two.

During the OFA challenge, Russell teaches to start with your offer first and then work backward.  You need to be clear on what it is that you are selling before you can come up with your story and appropriate hook.  Once you know what you are selling then you will also know who your dream customer is and what their issues and concerns are.  Then you can produce your story, experiences that you have had that addresses the concerns and issues of your dream customer.  In the book, DotCom Secrets Russell discusses how to find your dream customers.   Here is a review of the book if you would like more information.

Finish your story then you put your hooks in the water.  These hooks need to be congruent with your story and offer.  Get as many hooks in the water with a lot of different kinds of “bait” and see what works.  If this is your first funnel then just know and understand that you may not be successful right out of the gates.   You may need to tweak not only your capture/squeeze page but the other pages in your funnel. Your first efforts may not be successful but keep going.  You will need to split test and effectively use the information that you gather in order to be successful.

If you are not converting at least 20% from your squeeze page then that is the place to start.  Something is not working.  There is no point at looking at the conversion of the other pages of your funnel until you are converting at least 20% of the visitors on your page capture page.

There are three types of squeeze pages.

Curiosity Based – Curiosity based squeeze page is usually based on a catchy headline.  The headline generates curiosity and is usually a question.  Magazines at the grocery check out stand usually have curiosity-based headlines.  The goal is to get you to pick up the magazine and start reading so that you want to buy to find out the rest of the story.

Reverse value – Reverse value is where you provide your training or free PDF first before asking for an email address and getting people on your list.  So if you have a video training series you would provide that and then say “If you like the training you have received, enter your email below for additional tips and newsletters.”

Lead Magnet – I see this style the most often.  This is typically a free PDF, video, book that is offered in exchange for an email address.  Basically, you are doing an ethical bribe to get someones email address so that you can follow up with them about your offer.  The give-a-way should be congruent with your offer.

The three reasons why these pages work.

Curiosity – This is pretty straight forward.  People want to see what you are offering because they are curious.  You are using a couple of words to catch someones attention and interrupt their pattern.  This is why the National Enquirer is one of the most read newspapers in the world.  You have to catch their attention so that they click on your ad.

Urgency – One way to create urgency is to add a count down timer to your page.  The offer is only available for XX amount of time.  Or, the price is going to go up at the end of the webinar.  Onne of the strongest urges to purchase is the fear of missing out (FOMO).

Reciprocity – This is really true for the reverse value page.  You have given your prospect/customer tons of value for free before you even ask for their email address.  This goes under “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.”

When you create your capture page are you problem aware or solution aware?

The problem aware is when you might list the problems/issues that you know people have regarding your product/offer/service.  On your capture page you might list out 3 or 4 common issues that people have or you could talk about your experience.  For example, I tried this and I ran into the following three problems.

The solution aware is when you focus on the solutions to the problems.  For example:  these are the three steps I took to fix my ______________(problem).

You may essentially have the same information on the page but it is the focus that is different.

Hook-Story-Offer, your hook is your headlines.  The story is the problems you faced, the struggles you had or how you got started doing what you are doing.  The offer is what you used or did to solve your problem.  What was your end result, transformation?  In the book Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson he talks about “one sentence persuasion”.  This is on page 23.

People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies,

Here is a link to get 3 Free chapters of Expert Secrets.

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