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What are the 5 steps to Growing your NWM business?

In this blog post, I will be covering the 5 steps to growing your NWM business. I recently watched a video that was done by one of my affiliate marketing mentors by the name of Jacob Caris.  He talked about the 5 steps to 10K in affiliate marketing and I thought that these same steps were universal and applied to NWM as well.  These steps will work even if you don’t have money, but you will have to work hard.  You can either pay with money or your time and with this method, you will be paying with your time.

Before I go into the five steps to growing your business I want to make sure that you understand that there are 2 main types of dream customers that you will be marketing to, the product based customer and the business builder.  Most businesses only have one main type of customer.  In Network Marketing the people who are product based just love talking about and sharing the product.    The business builders just love the process of selling.   Both of these dream clients can end out being the same person.  They may start out one way and grow into the second.  So when you are creating and putting out your content it is best to know who you are trying to connect with.  Do not try to market to both types of people in the same piece of content.  Your message will get diluted and it will confuse your customer.  If your customer is confused they will not buy.

Be honest about what you like and where you are in your business.

If it’s not something that you love, why would you promote it?  I am sure you have heard the phrase fake it till you make it.  I think sometimes people think that means to stretch the truth about their own success but I think it has more to do with mindset.  You need to be honest with the people that follow you or get your content, your customers.  Your mindset must be one of where you want to be in your business.  See yourself already being successful.  Do not say or promote that your results are better than what they are.  People can tell when you are not being honest and they will not purchase from you.

If you don’t like to read you can skip to the end and watch the YouTube video I made on this topic.  😃

What are the 5 steps to growing your NWM business?

Step 1:  Pick one thing.  You need to buy it, use it love it and be very passionate about it.  Test it pull it apart and make sure that it meets your standards.   You need to pick one offer and be consistent and focused.   Many companies have 100s of different products or a number of different product lines that you can promote.  My recommendation is to focus on one line or one product,  Pick something that you are passionate about. That one product that you know you can consistently produce/put out content on.  With this method, you will be working hard and spending time to promote and if you don’t love what you are doing you will end out quitting.

Step Two:  Pick your platform for content.  It helps to know your strengths.  Are you good face to face with people?  Do you love making YouTube videos?  Are you good with social media, FB, Facebook Groups, Instagram, blogging, doing a podcast?  Do you love writing or creating blogs?  Again as in step one pick one method to use.  Be consistent with that method.  Once you get that working you can branch out to another method but in the beginning especially if you are learning just pick one and get to be an expert in that method.  Whatever you are promoting you need people to see your offer in order to be successful.  Be consistent.  Don’t let your weaknesses stop you.  Close your eyes to everything else.  Make sure that you really enjoy the platform that you have chosen because you will need to love it to be consistent with your content.  You need to provide value to the people that are in your circle of influence/customers.  People purchase from people they know like and trust.  I know you have heard that before.  Well, it’s true.  If you have done a good job in step one and picked the product that you love and your method of delivering your value then it is time for step 3

Step 3:  Produce content.  So what do you talk about?  First of all,  you do not need to reinvent the wheel.  You can provide helpful information.  If you have an upline or mentors that you follow then you learn from them.  Put that information into your own words and deliver it to your followers.  Another idea is to consider giving away what others are charging for.  Use this content to build your list so that you can follow up with your customer. Most people do not purchase with the first exposure to a product.  Many times they get to know you thru your email follow up and as they learn to know like and trust you then they are more likely to buy.   In order to follow up consistently and efficiently with your customers, you will need an autoresponder. Check out my resources page for a list of what I recommend.  With every piece of content that you produce you need to relentlessly circle back to your main product.  Link back

Step 4:  The viral loop.  The viral loop is the selling sequence.  This is also where duplication happens. This also ties back to step 3.  People may not like or want the first product you promote but as you follow up, they get to know you.  Share your story what got you excited about this product.  What is the reason you joined this company?  Share your journey.  This is what people will relate to.  Once you get success with one product or product line then expand to include the next one and promote other products they are brought back into your circle and may purchase the second product or the third product or the 4th… you get the picture.   Russell Brunson talks about this in great detail in his Free book NWM Secrets pg 34-36.  People purchase with emotion and then try to justify it with logic.  Every time you put out a new piece of content you email your list and let them know.  Bring them back into your circle.

Step 5: Don’t stop!!.  Your business will have ups and downs.  You will get excited and discouraged all within the same hour.  I have had people join my team and quit my team.  I can’t tell how many times I have started over.  With each failure, I have learned something important.  With each success, it reinforces why I enjoy doing this.  You will never succeed if you quit.  Don’t stop promoting and blogging and putting out content.  Don’t stop.

For some these steps may seem too basic.  But sometimes it is the simple steps that get ignored.  Simple steps done consistently can mean the success or failure of your business.






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